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Samsung Galaxy S3 - data network doesn't auto switch on/off when sending MMS

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  1. safesite

    safesite Member

    I got an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S 3.

    I found out that there is - unlike with my old HTC Sensation - no feature built into the android software that automatically turns the data network on when sending MMS for the time it takes to do so and then right after that has happened the network off again.

    I have tried to ask in some forums about this problem and it seems that this is something that Samsung just hasn't thought off implementing into their system.

    Does anybody know if there will be an update for this problem anytime soon and if not where and how can I report this as a requested feature and a present issue in order not to drain the battery and avoid having to manually switch on the network all the time on as well as remembering every single time to switching it off again when sending an MMS.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance! :adore:

    PS. The MMS will send without the network being switched on but the time it takes usually exceeds 20 sometimes and sometimes 30 minutes or more without the data network being on which is - of course - totally unacceptable.

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi safesite. I haven't done a lot of messaging, but you might try Handcent and see if that may have an option to help. Also, I haven't tried this either, but apparently you can set Tasker to do about anything you want your phone to do. There is also a Tasker forum here if you need help with it.

    And have you checked our S3 forum?
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  3. safesite

    safesite Member

    Hi Atmazzz,

    and thanks for your reply (sorry about the little delay in answer btw).

    I was actually aware of the solutions that you stated here since somebody else proposed these alternatives already to me earlier but am reluctant to use them due to several reasons.

    In regards to handcent sms the relevant application is altering the systems interface, look and feel to a degree that I don't like and don't wish to have on the phone. In regards to tasker I feel somewhat the same but apart from that have heard that the application is prone to suck a lot of energy for it's use.

    Furthermore I don't believe in having to download and install apps (whether that be free or for money) for making an - already - very expensive phone useful since I believe it should be either prepared by the manufacturer from the start with all those features built-in or make it so with an update that can be downloaded and installed into the Android system afterwards.

    In fact I was wondering if there is a Samsung site where this can be reported as a feature request in both cases.

    If you or someone else here knows about a site like that I'd be more than happy hearing from you guys so I can just do that.

    Cheers and thanks once again for all responses. ;)
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

  5. safesite

    safesite Member

    Hi Atmazzz,

    this might be sounding funny but I am the 'old school' type of guy also in this matter.

    Out of several reasons I dislike social media sites and am neither using Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other services.

    I was actually more looking for something like a Samsung run forum where people can add those requests, a developer or support mail of the company or similar.

    I have previously had an HTC Sensation before this phone and when having trouble with the device were able to find and post in Google's android error report forum with success.

    However this seems a non-android related problem which is a simple feature that Samsung hasn't even thought of which makes this solution pointless.

    I can always try to call my local Samsung support again but the guy wasn't even aware of the problem when I called in a couple of weeks ago. On the contrary he suggested to me first to upgrade the software (which it always is) on my device and then after telling him the very same told me to hand it in for service if the problem persisted.

    Thus this exposes a huge lack of knowledge by the Samsung support personnel and also this possibility seems a no-go.

    So I am still looking for some of the above mentioned possibilities and if someone has news on this issue I am still very interested in hearing from you guys.

    Should I find some of those solutions myself first I'll be posting back here.

    Thanks once again for all the kind help... :)
  6. dominicos

    dominicos New Member

    Hey Safesite,

    Have you got any solutions to turn that DATA automatically ON/Off for sending receiving MMS??

    I got the same problem, I am used to my HTC One V to do this automatically, while data off. Such a great feature. Can't find any app or solutions on this, even with hours of research. driving me mad.
  7. safesite

    safesite Member

    Hey Dominicos,

    no, so far there hasn't been any solution I stumbled upon. Except the one's proposed earlier in this thread by the other users which I personally don't fancy (since i believe this shouldn't be corrected with apps rather than be an integrated part of the OS or Samsung's own system).

    Thus I still believe that contacting Samsung's support or placing a complaint in some of their forums - if those exist - and reporting this as a requested issue by the users would hold the most success.

    Still if you or someone else knows of such a forum etc. I'd be thrilled to hear about it asap.

    So let's stay on the lookout... ;-)
  8. dominicos

    dominicos New Member

    I finally found a solution for the samsung galaxy Ace.

    In the parameters where you find the APN settings,

    I select Koodo (for my situation), then at the total bottom :

    APN TYPE : MMS (not MMS+Internet)

    It works! Like that , internet won't work, and when I send MMS or receive, it works like a charm.
    For the internet I only WiFi
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  9. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    My Galaxy note does.... I always thought it was a carrier thing whereby they don't want you sending free MMS so activate the data network whether you want it or not. I assumed that this was how they kept tags on how many picture messages you'd sent.
    I also noted that if you send a long text, it gets broken down into smaller text messages and then converted into MMS :eek: which, in my case, counts towards my MMS allowence. Cheeky gits!! :D
  10. safesite

    safesite Member

    Hi again dominicos,

    I am glad to hear you could work it out for the Galaxy Ace.

    However I checked for those settings (APN) in my Samsung Galaxy 3 and I cannot recreate that same solution due to the fact that I have to settings in the APN by my carrier. One is called "internet" and the other "MMS" meaning that I still seem to be forced to switch on the data network manually. I am in doubt if this is different from carrier to carrier but at least here, it's still a problem.

    It would be great if you and the others could list your options in the APN settings so we can get this confirmed or discarded.

    In other developments I can tell everyone that I called Samsung's support here in my own country yesterday and talked to a very service minded and somewhat brighter support staff member than last time.

    I explained two things and asked for them to be implemented as a future request from Samsung.

    1. The data network problem meaning that the OS should be altered so that the phone switches on/off automatically when sending the MMS and to which Samsung should post an update as soon as possible to be downloaded to the phone within the common, regular updates that occur from time to time.

    2. A Samsung support forum where it's customers can post requests, issues and other questions and ideas for improving the user experience etc.

    Both requests were passed on to Samsung and deemed good and interesting improvements to the system and usability.

    So as can be seen calling your own country's Samsung support is essential in changing these type of issues and the more we call and from various countries, the more will it be taken up and get importance as well as subsequently being solved.

    Therefore I would like to ask anyone stumbling over this issue and ending up in this thread to call their own Samsung support so this can be changed asap.

    To make things easier I just added the link to Samsung's support in the U.S. but of course it would be best to report this to the support of your own country rather than only in the U.S. for it to get more momentum.


    If in doubt just write www.samsung.* where the star is your own country's internet code.

    Get back here if you get any news...!

    Thanks. :)
  11. safesite

    safesite Member

    Didn't quite understand what you meant by "My Galaxy note does..."?

    Can you elaborate on that one?

    Also would it be possible for you to tell us about the APN settings you got in regards to my last message to Dominicos?

    Thanks in advance. ;)
  12. dominicos

    dominicos New Member


    for your APN called internet, you have to erase some item in it, like the name, proxy etc for it not to function properly. so it will be disable

    however don't touch the other one called mms.. this one will still work

    so there it should be.

  13. safesite

    safesite Member

    Hi dominicos,

    I know this one is a bit late but I am still unable to get this to work.

    I would like to know if you can tell me more precise which item. I mean, they are all there but what I can't understand is how deleting the proxy for my internet or APN would be helping about sending the MMS without having to switch on and off the wireless internet itself.

    In this case I reckon that it would only make the connection useless on top of the issue that is about having to switch it on and off for sending the MMS.

    Can you tell me a bit more precise about your idea mentioned above?

    Thanks! :)

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