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Samsung Galaxy S3 General Information and Troubleshooting FAQTips

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  1. mhzx6

    mhzx6 Member

    About Task/App manager, I assume they are the same thing? I recently downloaded Waze GPS, and it continued to run after I held the home button and swiped the application away. I then opened the app manager, and it was running a clock so I also assume that it was still running even after I closed it through task manager. As I closed it through task manager, it still had the Waze icon up in the upper left hand corner where it says ATT etc. Am I doing something wrong if I want to completely shut the app down?

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Use "desktop view" in settings.

    Usually by pushing the back button closes apps. Pushing the home button enables multitasking, so you can have multiple apps running at the same time.

    So try the back button to leave apps.

    If that doesn't work, you'll have to use the task manager to force close the app. Swiping away notifications/the multitask window doesn't turn them off, it just puts them in the background. So, to force close, open your app drawer, long press on an app you want to close (like you're going to put it on your homescreen). Then drag it to "App Info". From there, force close. That'll shut down the app completely.

    But if you use back button, it should go into the inactive cache and not use power, but be able to boot up faster.
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  3. mhzx6

    mhzx6 Member

    Good deal, that did the trick. Now when I go in to application manager, I have quite a few processes that are currently running that I had quit like the Waze program. Are all these applications located in application manager under "running" just cached programs, or are they still running in the background?
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Unfortunately, there's no definitive way of telling for certain without special apps that will only make things more complicated and cause you to become paranoid.

    Fortunately, most of them will be either inactive, or be 'polling' services that only activate to check for new messages, then go inactive again.

    And, if there's anything I can advise you on, it is this: The less time you spend in Application Manager, the better your Android experience will be. Application Manager is a great tool in finding run-away apps (like how you described Waze). But if you try to micro-manage Android, you will only manage to make a good situation into a bad one. The best thing you can do for your phone is to ignore the fact that your phone even has RAM. Android will manage itself pretty well (with the exception of the odd run-away app).

    And if you really think your phone has a problem, a reboot usually fixes it. If not, a factory reset most likely will and be careful on what you install.
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  5. mhzx6

    mhzx6 Member

    All I did was use the back button and it quit the app entirely. Switching from and iPhone4s is difficult lol.

    Thanks for all of your help.
  6. Ronk2010

    Ronk2010 Member

    Jerofld: Tip video for Sprint listed at top no longer working.
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  7. Eisenlancer

    Eisenlancer Member

    After a factory reset, an ATT update and 2 weeks, I'm right back where I started with the text notification tones not playing properly. It just started again today and I didn't do anything to my settings. I very slowly only added 3 apps over the course of 2 weeks. I also have the task manager set to close any tasks after I exit them. I also have a problem where the mailbox icon on the home screen always shows that I have a new text message, even when I have no messages. I don't want to resort to returning the phone...but that's about the only solution I can think of.
  8. alison03

    alison03 Well-Known Member

    My battery info is incorrect today. For example it's been off the charge since 11am (it's 10pm now). However the battery setting says it's at 50% and that it's been on battery for 6 hrs and 37 minutes when it's really been over 11 hours. Not sure why this is suddenly happening. I've tried restarting the phone and pulling the battery but it still is stuck at that incorrect time (though it is moving - I noticed this about an hour ago when it said 5 hours and 30 minutes). Any thoughts?
  9. Dannyboyb9

    Dannyboyb9 New Member

    Hi there,

    Ok i changed from orange to t mobile. it text me saying activate success download an app from t mobile to activate but when i go on that link it says not working ? i tried going registering the phone on my houses wifi but still nothing?
  10. adleys

    adleys New Member

    I'm trying to STOP that rolling-scrolling of wallpaper. When I choose an image from the zedge folder as my home screen wallpaper, it keeps moving to the other images from ALL folders. can I stop this and stay with the one image I choose?
  11. smariewardell

    smariewardell New Member

    I've between having issues with form fields in the stock browser on multiple websites. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a mobile version or desktop version. I can't pay my bills now on my phone and it's very frustrating. Had issues with some of the fields on this website as well.
  12. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    It may come to that. Sometimes in the rooting community, we see similar bugs. And the way to fix them is to wipe the entire phone clean (including the system ROM) and reflash from a blank device. Unfortunately for non-root users, factory reset doesn't touch the system ROM, which is probably where this problem resides. A return (or rooting and flashing a stock ROM) may be the only way of getting this sorted.

    There's a cycling arrow button in the battery report app that can force it to grab new info. It's in the upper right. I hope that helps.

    I'm not the best with GSM, so bear with me if you've already done this: Try removing the SIM and rebooting. Then put the SIM in. I've heard that resetting the SIM can smooth out activation problems. If not, I'd suggest you contact T-Mobile.

    I don't see this problem, is it a feature on Zedge? Try saving the wallpaper you want as a local file and change your homescreen without using Zedge and see if that helps.

    I recommend Boat Browser. I do all of my bills and such with my mobile browser through it. :)
  13. bigbro94

    bigbro94 New Member

    Can some tell me how to please delete emails in trash folder?
  14. SAL8116

    SAL8116 Well-Known Member

    Good tips.
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  15. nikki702

    nikki702 Member

    Did anyone find a solution for the calls fading in and out? EVERY call I make people are saying it sounds like im walking away from the phone and coming back
  16. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    It will automatically delete after 30 days. However, there doesn't appear to be a way to delete them from the apps. You'll have to use a browser to delete the emails manually. Or just let Google delete them after the set time.

    It'll largely depend on your phone technology (GSM or CDMA) and reception strength. If you're in a strong reception area with a GSM device, then I'd recommend you take it back to your carrier for testing.
  17. SouthBaySmith

    SouthBaySmith New Member

    Galaxy S3 Facebook for Android problem:

    getting this error when trying to tagging friends.

    cannot retrieve the friends list please try again later. [content too large (length unknown): 650000 (application/json)]

    Besides deleting "friends," what kind of solution exists?
  18. taj180

    taj180 New Member

    Im in love with my phone i only have a couple of issues and my major issue is the front facing camera. when i take pictures it reversed like a mirror image. how do i change this. i tried to do it but i couldnt figure out how.
  19. JustDucky

    JustDucky New Member

    Hi, please forgive me if this was posted previously, I've been pouring over this forum for three days now, and have not found an answer :D

    I've owned the (Sprint) Samsung Moment, the HTC hero, then rooted the Hero, the HTC EVO, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and now the S3, so I'm not new to smartphones LOL

    When I signed into my google account, on the S3, it sync'd my contacts as per normal, then it spent the next two hours downloading and installing EVERY app I have ever used from ALL of the above mentioned phones, including the rooted hero, without my consent.

    and it randomly placed the icons on all of my screens, in random order, that really tweaked my OCD LOL

    So I reset it to factory and turned off the background data, then signed into my google account, now it won't sync my contacts nor calendar.

    So, I guess I have a two fold question
    One. where do I go to turn off this automatic download/install of the apps, and if that isn't possible then
    Two. If I go into the playstore from my laptop and uninstall all the apps, will it uninstall the apps from my rooted hero next time I use the phone with the wifi?

  20. brownitus

    brownitus Well-Known Member

    Open the Camera, hit the Options icon and scroll down until you see Save As Flipped, make sure that is off.
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  21. Scotty001a

    Scotty001a New Member

    Could someone please help me with information on how to copy/transfer
    all of my pdf files in*iTunes*to my new*Android phone Samsung*Galaxy S3.
    I have around forty or so manuals/handbooks/brochures in myiBooks folder
    in*iTunes. I have these folders on my PC & my*iPad. However, I can only see how to transfer five main types of data via*Samsung*Kies;
    I am desperate to get these pdf format booklets & manuals onto my Galaxy S3,
    and would appreciate any pointers regarding this.
    And just as a very general aside, I love my Galaxy S3 to bits, but there are definitely pluses & minuses between iPhone 4 & Galaxy S3. The only real problem that I have encountered with the S3 so far is; a totally unreadable screen in bright sunlight, and I mean TOTALLY. This was also with the auto
    brightness turned OFF and the brightness set at 85%. However, this has only
    happened once because it's July on the west coast of Scotland. The way the weather is going at the moment, I doubt if we will see TWO bright days this month...lol. All joking aside though, if it's really bright it's impossible to see
    at the 80% setting, and at a 100% brightness very awkward to read at best.

    Many thanks, if anyone can shed any light on my problem of transferring pdf's.

  22. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Try clearing the data on the app and re-set up facebook. To clear data, find the app in your app drawer, tap and hold. Now, at the bottom, you'll have a few options. Drag the icon to App Info and let go. Then Clear Data and try again.

    Part 1: It does this if you log in during set up of the phone. If you don't want it to auto restore apps, you have a few options: 1, skip logging into your account upon resetting the phone. I have 2-step verification, so I can't log in to my Google account when I factory reset (or delete the data partition). And I never have my phone auto download apps. 2, do not opt in for backing up your apps when you do log in to your phone after a factory reset or a new unit. It's a check box when it's asking you to log in.

    Part 2: When you uninstall via the play store webpage, it asks you which device you want to uninstall from, IIRC.

    Thanks brownitus for answering the question!

    I use an app called AirDroid. Assuming you know where the physical location of these files are on your harddrive, you can transfer them to your S3 via AirDroid easily.
  23. JustDucky

    JustDucky New Member

    Thank you.
    That is exactly what happened. When I got the phone, I signed in during set up. After I did the factory reset, I DIDN'T sign in until later, and I did opt out for the backing up the apps. With that it took over 48 hours after sign in for the contacts and calendar to sync.

    The irony of the whole thing is now when I go into the play store (stupid name) from the phone, it doesn't show ANY of the apps from the other phones LOL

    It's all or nothing LOL
    Thanks again
  24. annyong

    annyong New Member

    Haven't been able to find anything on this issue... I just got an s3 yesterday and I soon noticed that my battery was draining more quickly than I had expected (heard the battery was supposed to be pretty good).

    I checked my battery usage stats and it said that bluetooth had used 33% of my power, even though it was never turned on (CPU time was listed at a little over an hour, however). It's not a huge issue, but a third of my battery being devoted to something i literally never use seems a bit absurd. Anyone run into a similar problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  25. philakid

    philakid New Member

    I have a few documents formatted as mobi files. If I put the documents on the kindle directory of the internal storage, Kindle works. If I put the documents on the external SD card, kindle reader does not see them. I assume this is a kindle reader limitation, not an s3 problem. Does any know how to resolve this?

    I can get the FBREADER app and put the documents in the BOOK directory of the external SD card, but I don't like the FBREADER interface as much as I like Kindle.
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