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  1. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    The contacts should sync. Make sure you don't disable that. If you do, just go into Settings > Accounts > click the google account, check contacts and then hit sync. You'll get your contacts instantly.

    Your second problem is just weird. Clear the data on the play store on your phone. Do you know how to do that?

    Ok, quick correction/lesson: When it says an app/service uses 33% in the battery report, it means it used 33% of used power. So, for simple math: If you used 50% of your battery (according to the overall battery readout) and it said bluetooth used 50%, it really means Bluetooth used 25% of the battery.

    Simply put, it means "of what you used, these used the following percent". But still, 33% of any significant battery usage (33% of 50% is still high for bluetooth usage) is absurd for a radio that was turned off. I would recommend a factory reset. If the problem doesn't go away after that, return it. You likely, and unfortunately, have a defective bluetooth radio. It happens, so a replacement is probably required.

    It probably is a limitation of the Kindle reader. You should email the app author and suggest that the app look for ebooks in the external SD card, too.

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  2. darkjedig

    darkjedig Member

    I just wanted to ask anyone here because I have searched and have not found a similar problem: Today my Galaxy S3 GT-9300 (bought unlocked on ebay) just broke out of nowhere. The touch screen is completely dead however the other buttons (home, back, etc) are working. I don't know what to do as my warranty card is in arabic and I had to cut my sim card down to fit the micro sim so it wont go in any other phone. I am a bit screwed as this is the only phone in my house. Any ideas guys?
  3. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to get the notification lite to blink instead of just stay on?
  4. brownitus

    brownitus Well-Known Member

    I've never had mine stay on except when it's charging and the screen is off, and when the screen is off and it needs to be charged (>15% battery IIRC). Is yours staying solid otherwise?
  5. TGwinn

    TGwinn New Member

    I was having same problem. I think I found fix:
    While in browser, hit left or menu button. Menu option "brightness and colors" uncheck auto brightness and adjust slider. Do this while in browser, not from systems settings-- fixed it for me.
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  6. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    I have a white one that stays on instead of blinking.
  7. King Kashue

    King Kashue New Member

    Google tells me other people are having this issue, though I haven't yet found a solution - this thread is by far the best I've found so hopefully someone's got the answer:

    My widgets in general are not updating quickly. The one where this is a big issue is any clock widget (the stock clocks, widgetsoid, fancy widgets). The clock in the info bar or the lock screen shows the right time, but any widget clock will lag for minutes or even hours, then jump to the correct time, and then start lagging again.

    I also have this issue with such things as Smooth Calendar (which neither updates properly nor switches between widget and menu properly), and widgetsoid (where the button works to, say, turn WiFi on or off or turn the screen lock on or off, but doesn't graphically change to show that - until say an hour later, when it finally will), but that may or may not be related.

    In addition to the threads from people having this issue with the GS3, I've found people who have this issue with the Note as well, so maybe this is a TouchWiz or ICS issue (I just upgraded from a Gingerbread Thunderbolt, where all of these widgets worked properly).

    This is like the only issue I'm having with the phone, so hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I've noted that installing or updating an app (using either Play store or the Amazon app store) will update any widgets.

    Also, it seems that the clock on the 4x2 widget integrated with (the one with the big, gaudy background) works just fine - it's the only one that does though. All other clock widgets (whether pre-loaded or downloaded) have the same lag as other widgets.
  8. ppzhao

    ppzhao Member

    Hi guys, a couple of questions about my new Galaxy S3 that I can't figure out yet:

    1. I took a bunch of pictures/videos on a recent trip (about 500 pics and 5 videos). I tried copying them onto my PC. I enabled external drive option to view the files, selected all 500 files (1.5gb), did a copy/paste. But only about 150 pictures went through. I tried multiple times with different selections of pics and each time I was only able to randomly get about 1/3. I tried copying the whole DCIM folder and it still wouldn't copy all files.

    2. When I copy/paste the video file, it plays in a very glittery way on my PC - is there a setting I should use on the S3 for it to be more compatible with PC's?
  9. jayfiled

    jayfiled New Member

    how come the links on the first page are broken?
  10. Mohzinati

    Mohzinati Member

    how to shift from 3g to 2g
    s3 user is asking
  11. abrar619

    abrar619 New Member

    hi phandroids!

    i am havin an issue with my SGS3, evrytime i open gallery, camera or settings (basically most of the system apps) they tend to force close in a few seconds... 1 out of 10 times i dont face the error....
    someone please help :(
  12. alexander323bc

    alexander323bc Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue, It was my SD card and I need to format it. I used the SD from my droid x and it still had some motoblur files or something on it that caused the gallery to crash. After formatting it, turning the phone off, inserting card and turning it on. Smooth sailing from there.
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  13. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to set the phone to when you open it, it goes to recent our favorites instead of the dialer? Also is there a faster way to make calls? It takes 2-3 clicks to call someone.
  14. abrar619

    abrar619 New Member

    you can use the contact widgets for quick access for fav contacts!
    it helps me.... try it out!
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  15. abrar619

    abrar619 New Member

    am nt using a SD card..... i just backed up my data and formatted my internal memory to factory reset.... so far evrything seems to be goin smoothly!
  16. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Ok guys, sorry for the few days of delay. I've been busy outside of computer range and am settling in after moving, so hopefully I will be able to respond with more frequency now.

    I would suggest the app "Lite Flow" on Google Play. It's not perfect and can be difficult to set up at times, but it gives you complete control over your LED.

    There are parts you can buy and repair the phone yourself, or you can find a repair facility that can repair your phone. However, I would suggest you try to return it, if you can figure out the warranty card.

    This is a rather odd issue. I don't have a problem with widgets, but I think I may have a solution. As much of a pain that it can be, a factory reset should fix your issue. Another thing you can look into trying is to install a third party launcher, like nova or apex.

    Is this using Kies or some other software? Or just the drivers and the mtp transfer method? Another app that I use and personally recommend is called AirDroid. It's on Google Play.

    Yes, this is hopefully just a temporary problem and should be fixed soon.

    Which carrier do you use? Usually 2g is a cell phone talk mode only and you ant switch to it.

    Try clearing the data on the app. To do this, drag the app from the app drawer and place it on app info at the bottom. Then select clear data. If that doesn't work, then I would recommended you factory reset.

    Go to favorites the push the home button. It remembers the position on my GS3.
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  17. King Kashue

    King Kashue New Member

    This seems to have worked. I'll update in a few days to confirm, but otherwise thanks. :thumbup:

    Edit: Turns out the reset was unnecessary. The problem was multicon. Specifically, trying to use too many Multicon widgets. On my Thunderbolt, I had 52 icons per page in a ring around a 2x2 open space (so I could see my background). Evidently TouchWiz doesn't like 12 widgets per page on each home page (it was only four on the Thunderbolt, since I could use the larger ones - only the 1x1 functions on the GS3) and it bogged everything down.

    Once I started loading them up again, the problem returned. Get rid of them, problem goes away.

    Ah well. Guess I have to use ugly, stupid folders. :(
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  18. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    I tried it. It takes me home then I open it again and its back on dialer. It's a pain to use as a phone lol!
  19. ericpanda999

    ericpanda999 Active Member


    I've been reading around various forums and people have suggested everything from eyeglass scratch repair kits to aluminum tire polish. (Also, a CD repair kit...)

    What's the consensus on repairing scratches on the GS3? (if there is one?) I have a scratch on my S3 (yeah I haven't put a screen protector [which are good btw? I don't want one that will make my phone feel gross or orange peel-ey. I may go to BestBuy; suggestions?] but will soon) and want to take it out super badly before putting on a screen protector (what a conundrum...)
  20. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I understand. There is a contact shortcut, but no dialer/favorites/call log short cut.

    I've never heard of people fixing screen scratches with anything other than a new piece of glass. So I cannot comment about that. I can, however, comment on the screen protector question. Please note, this is my own personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Android Forums: Do not buy a screen protector from BestBuy if you want to avoid the orange peel feeling. Get a steinheil. GALAXY S3 - Samsung - Cell Phones Personally, I would never get another InvisiShield ever again. It just doesn't feel as smooth and they do not age very well (they get less smooth over time in my experience).

    We have a discussion on screen protectors here:
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  21. juventas

    juventas New Member

    1) I have an issue with my stock weather widget. The thing will not update the weather on the widget. If I go into the app itself and refresh, then it will be fine, but if I auto-refresh or use the refresh button on the widget, the refresh circle will keep spinning and spinning. It will eventually stop, but the weather doesn't get refreshed. I have tried clearing out the app data from the app manager menu to no avail.

    2) Is the GS3 capable of running 10bit 720p videos? Every player I have tried lags like crazy.

    3) I hope the links get repaired soon up top. I see the answer to several of my other questions.
  22. Miggs2002

    Miggs2002 Member

    Ok this is quite bizarre, I have moved from the apple tree where I was happy with the jailbroken versions for years, the the wife got an android and I wanted one too so I got an S2, I have upgraded today to the S3 and it's superb, this evening I thought I would start moving some apps to my sd card but non show up asausable to be moved, I downloaded a move to sd card app but that says the phone or card may not be compatible with THAT app, I dl'd a second app but nothing's able to be moved as it says there is no memory card, I went into the storage settings and the card is there, I have uncounted it and 're mounted it but still nothing, I have tried formatting but again nothing, if it was a new card I would resign my thoughts to it being defective but it's the card I have used foe the last 12 months in my S2, does anybody have any ideas please? Thanks

    Also regarding a comment above I was under ghetto impression the S3 had gorilla glass and there for virtually unremarkable is this wrong?
  23. ericpanda999

    ericpanda999 Active Member

    It has Gorilla Glass but it's still scratchable...

    I don't even know how mine got scratched either to be honest. It was just in my pocket with a fold case so the screen was complete covered yet when I opened the case I see a nasty (I try to tell myself in denial that it's not that bad) scratch smack dab in the middle of the screen...
  24. Miggs2002

    Miggs2002 Member

    When the wife bought her HTC sensation the guy in the shop pressed the shop keys up and down the screen as a demo and it didn't leave a mark
  25. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    1) What phone model do you have and have you tried to update the software recently? I believe this problem has been fixed for the International version and several US versions, but sometimes manual updating of the software is needed to get the proper updates. Kies can also update your software.

    2) I have yet to really test my GS3's video playing capabilities, so I can't comment on this. If you know of some place I can get a legal/free video to test on my GS3, I'd be happy to download and test it. But, again, it has to be legal.

    3) I've disabled the hide tags for now. Please ignore the [.hide] and [/spoiler] text.

    First, your main issue. This is a problem with internal memory devices, because the internal memory is called "/sdcard". So this prevents apps from being moved to the "sd card" because they are already on the "sd card". The physical SD card you added the the phone is called "extSDcard" and Google seems to be wanting to move away from external SD cards, so it may be an OS limitation for some time to come.

    And yes, the GS3 has Gorilla Glass. But Gorilla Glass isn't scratch proof.

    However, if he would use sandpaper or some other silica-based material (sand, some forms of dirt, etc), it would scratch very easily. It's based on the hardness of the screen and hardness of the material. There are some good writeups on the net about this and why Gorilla Glass can resist keys and metal objects, but not things like sand. It seems counter-intuitive that a metal key can't scratch it, but some sand can. But that's physics for you.
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