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Samsung galaxy S3 is dead

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  1. rigy

    rigy Member

    Hi everyone, i hope you can help.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which somehow died last Saturday. I took a call, spoke for about 2 mins then put the phone in my pocket. Took is out 2 mins later to check on the football and it had died. I though it might have somehow gone flat very quickly so i tried charging it but the charger didn't even register in the phone. i removed the battery and replaced it but nothing... i then took it to the shop where i got it from (O2) and they tried a fully charged battery in it, still nothing (my battery was tried in another phone and that worked with 60% of charge remaining) The phone was sent away for repair (under warrenty) however, they have now come back to me with a quote of

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hey there rigy, it sounds like you are pretty much out of options, obviously if the USB port doesn't work you will not be able to connect the phone to anything to get any type of charge, it does sound weird, however, that it is causing the entire phone not to work...

    I do think you have a hardware issue, but i do not know if i believe it to be a USB port thing, and that probably shouldn't cost the amount they are charging...

    I really think you don't have many options here and might have to just get it repaired...sorry :(
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  3. rigy

    rigy Member


    I was afraid of that, although i m happy to have the phone repaired, i m not happy about the
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I know that i have Verizon as my carrier here in the US and they offer an insurance payment of 7 dollars monthly and my phone is covered by everything.

    I rarely drop my phone, *knock on wood*, but when i do, and i did this weekend and it survived the fall, but if it doesn't i know my phone will be able to make a full recovery not costing me that much.
  5. rigy

    rigy Member

    I don't have the insurance here in the UK because its quite expensive (
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

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  7. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    If I were in this situation I would go back and have them prove to you that the damage was your fault and not a manufacturing defect. If there is no evidence of you abusing this phone they should be repairing it under warranty at no cost to you. This definitely sounds like a manufacturing defect and you are getting screwed here.
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  8. rigy

    rigy Member

    That is exactly how i feel, like i am being screwed over. The guy in the shop that sent the phone off for me even believes i m not at fault because he had a good look at the phone and saw there was no damage.

    Thanks for all your responces guys... i m guessing that the problem is not a quick fix thats common and it is a hardware problem which requires replacing parts... it just doesn't seem to make sence to me that a usb port would stop the whole phone from turning on tho?


  9. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Yeah, but i would suggest trying to argue your side of the story, just because your phone is in such good condition and that it is actually difficult to break the USB port yourself unless you are like jamming screw drivers in there trying to bust things up ;)

    Anyhow i wish you best of luck and fill us in on what happens! :D
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  10. Ynomrah

    Ynomrah Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what their warranty policy is but you very much need to call customer service and have them replace it via warranty so that you don't end up spending a penny. This is absolutely the best route to go.
  11. Absolutely!
    If the O.P. received it back already I would first shoot a whole series of very detailed and well lit photos of it. From all sides. Close-ups too. Especially of the micro USB port, of course. That documentation of its condition may come in very handy later on in this process.
    Then, when the O.P. presses his claim on warranty, he shouldn't take no for an answer, and kick it upstairs if necessary. Oftentimes the company's PR department is a much better gateway for your complaints than the customer service department as the PR peeps are much more aware, and responsible for, the image/reputation damage stories like this can cause the company if they get public...
    At some point in those discussions I would mention I might have to resort to an ombudsman or consumer interest group. I might hint – but not speak out clearly; you want to keep your options open – of involvement of the press!
    I recommend the O.P. not do this during the very first conversation about it. Try to keep the tone pleasant, but matter of factly.

    Oh yes, and keep a journal of this whole claim process. Build a file.
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  12. Zero Hunter

    Zero Hunter Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that and good luck with your claims process
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  13. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I agree with pretty much everything that's been said, assuming you weren't swinging the phone over your head by the USB cable.

    Tell customer service you expect them to repair the phone under the manufacturer's warranty, or prove that the fault is caused by physical damage. If possible, escalate the claim to a supervisor or manager who have more power to make discretionary calls than do first tier support staff. If you get the phone back unrepaired, take pictures including a picture with the battery out and the serial number visible. And document the heck out of everything.

    If necessary, dress up like John Cleese, walk calmly into their offices and recite the following:
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  14. rigy

    rigy Member

    The phone is currently on route back to me as we speak, i will do as advised and take good quality pictures. I'd thought of the ombudsman myself also, i ll keep that up my sleave for now. I ve currently emailed one of Samsungs offical dealers so i m waiting on a reply from them.

    Thank you for all your responses i ll be sure to keep you all informed of the result.


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  15. rigy

    rigy Member

    Got the phone back, the guy is the shop showed me the picture of the USB port, it looks burnt? Now has anybody else had problems with there phones getting hot during use, mine used to get really warm down at the bottom of the phone but thought it was normal. Although now I m thinking it could have caused my issue... Thoughts???
  16. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    If the connector is burnt how does your charging cable look? Does it have burn marks on it?

    I would still fight this. Just because the USB connector looks burnt does not mean it was through any fault of yours. Did you use any other cable or charge other than what came with the phone?
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  17. rigy

    rigy Member

    No just the one that came with it but its been used both with the plug and my computer, O2 haven't said its burnt if was just my opinion of what it looked like. I ve asked the guy to email me the picture so I ll post it on here when I get it. I'm definitely going to fight it, my next step is to ring O2 customer services and see where I go from there. I m also going to ring the repair centre themselves and see if I can get and explanation as to why a USB port stops the phone from working!

    Will keep you all posted


  18. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    Good luck.
  19. rigy

    rigy Member

    I have just compared my phone to a friends and indeed the usb port is damaged, the pins are crushed up at the bottom where his are straight. When i first got the phone i used a short usb lead on my desk in the office to see if it would connect, whilst the other end wasnt plugged in the lead must have bent those pins. The phone had carried on working for 4 months after but i m guessing that at some point the day it died they must have finally touched. i m assuming that the phone got slightly warm enough for the metal to expand and bang a short was made killing my beloved S3.

    I m afraid with this in mind i have to admit defeat and get the phone repaired, thank you all for your imput and help it was greatly appreciated.

  20. sunny4bd2

    sunny4bd2 New Member

    You are right. My intl version s3 died suddenly after i made a call and placed it on my bed. Reflashing never helped, charger didnt work, it was like completely bricked, no sign of life. Took it to the centre quickly and they suspect motherboard failure. Its shocking that a four-month old device, kept in a brand-new conditon would behave in such a way.
    I am still to know the facts tmoro, well thats what the service sentre said. I believe the very first stock has some flaws we face now

    Good luck to u, hope u too get a replacement
  21. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i agree.. 4 months old... no damage by user.
    get it covered under warranty!
  22. Domsa01

    Domsa01 New Member

    Alas I think I have the same problem. The USB port does not looked burn't out or damaged in any way though.
    I am taking it back to the three store tomorrow.
    It is not older than one year so I am going to ask for a replacement under warranty.
  23. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Yeah you are doing about all you can do, see if you can get a replacement. I wish you the best :)

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