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Samsung Galaxy S3 - Notifications IconSupport

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  1. KBarnes

    KBarnes New Member

    I've had my lovely new S3 for 24 hours now and love the look and feel of it.

    One problem though is the annoying new message icon in the top right hand corner of the weather widget on the home screen.

    I've tried all of the fixes that have been suggested on this forum (v. helpful by the way).
    - deleting the widget and then reinstalling
    - factory reset
    - deleting the widget and then doing a factory reset
    - checking that there are no messages out there unread.

    Any other suggestions please!


  2. psybab

    psybab Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the little number 1 in the sun on the weather widget? Supposedly it's just an accident, but other threads say that it indicates Daylight Savings Time. Apparently nothing you can do about it right now.
  3. KBarnes

    KBarnes New Member

    Indicating daylight savings would make sense as it's a sun symbol!
    Thanks - v helpful.

    Now I just need to play around with phone and get used to the amazing features.
  4. davidm_uk

    davidm_uk Member

    So that's what it is! It had been irritating me too. Happy to know why it's there. :)
  5. liteon163

    liteon163 Well-Known Member

    Sure, there's something you can do about it: use a different weather widget! I didn't like the stock weather widget on my LG Spectrum so I purchased Beautiful Widgets when it was on sale for ten cents. One of the best deals ever for me.

    That's the beauty of Android; if you don't like an aspect of it, change it.
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  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    +1 for beautiful widgets. Ive used it for over a year. Very pleased.
  7. Timefiller

    Timefiller New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Can anyone tell me what the icon (eye shaped with 3 dashes above the icon is)? it flashes and i don't know why??
  8. dawnierae

    dawnierae Well-Known Member

    That indicates the feature that senses if you're looking at the screen or not - can't remember what it's called.
  9. Timefiller

    Timefiller New Member

    Thanks i'll have a fiddle
  10. breezex

    breezex Well-Known Member

    It's Big Brother watching you! :D Actually it's the icon for "Smart Stay".
  11. Adejoh

    Adejoh New Member

    Tap and drag down (right to the bottom of the screen) the notification bar. It will indicate what the problem is, and what you need to do

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