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  1. Dexcellence

    Dexcellence New Member

    Hi today at Lunch at school I dropped my phone by accident, when I went to turn it on there was nothign on the screen but a bit of color on the right side. I'll upload a picture so you can see what happened. My friend suggested that I go to EBAY and buy a screen replacement kit. I'm just wondering if it's the screen that has problems and if the replacement kit will do me any good or if it has something to do with the hardware?

  2. Dexcellence

    Dexcellence New Member

  3. loblakely

    loblakely New Member

    Do you have insurance on the phone? Do you get it through your parents or a family member or is it your own plan? Figure out if it's got insurance, if not then if you haven't had the phone for a year... the Samsung Warranty is still in effect on it. Get a hold of your service provider and have a manufacturers warranty done on it. DONT replace the screen yourself, please! check those options out first..
  4. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    I am not sure if the warranty replaces a phone that has been dropped, but if you have insurance it would be best to try to replace it for the deductible, rather than replace the screen, since you don't really know if that will even help.

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