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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

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  1. dannybedford

    dannybedford Member

    thanks people, i have now watched so many comparison videos and am still torn. I much prefer sense to touchwiz, i prefer the screen on the one x and the camera, and i love the font aligning on zoom when browsing. But the samsung is a bit quicker, has better battery, more quirky features and better storage. i think because i'm quite a basic user, browsing, music, news, silly apps and i havent even filled the 4 gb on my current phone, the one x could be for me.

    But that's today....

  2. fcukhtc

    fcukhtc Well-Known Member

    Definitely. I was surprised at the difference in smoothness and responsiveness between the two. The S3 definitely has the upper hand in this department.

    The 1XL just isn't lacking enough in this regard for me to regret not getting the S3. Because I prefer everything else about it.

    1XL looks, camera and screen >

    Though I would like to have an S3 for a few days to see how good s-voice is because that might change my mind.
  3. fcukhtc

    fcukhtc Well-Known Member

    I much prefer the build quality and screen of the 1XL too. And here in Australia we got a 32gb model (24gb after stock phone data) and this is enough for me to not care about expandable memory.

    The power button is horrible for me too, sometimes it seems unresponsive and is in an awkward position but this is not enough of a deal breaker. I only had the phone 6 days before returning it for an ELF so not sure about the bliuetooth problem yet.
  4. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey everyone, I merged these two threads together, and also I moved the resulting thread to our new Device/Carrier Comparison forum :)
  5. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    Run CM9 or aokp and watch what your One XL can really do.

    IMO, no matter how much HTC tries to optimize sense, it will always be a lil clunky and hinder the device. Pure android is always the way to go.
  6. fcukhtc

    fcukhtc Well-Known Member

    What's CM9 and aokp? Apps for what?

    I've been given a loan phone whilst my 1XL is sent back to Telstra to be tested for replacement so I've got to wait about a week.
  7. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    They're custom ROMs without Sense. CM9 is CyanogenMod 9 and AOKP is Android Open Kang Project. Sort of the same, but not by the Cyanogen guys.

    They are stripped down and basic, but your phone will fly!
  8. fcukhtc

    fcukhtc Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks.

    This is my first android, I don't know that I'm confident enough to go rooting it and installing custom ROMs.

    I mean I want to but what's the likelihood of stuffing something up?

    Having it run quick with instant response and fast load times will be great though.
  9. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    You have a Telstra One X don't you? AFAIK, the procedure for that is relatively easy as HTC give you the tools to do it via their htcdev website.

    It's easy enough to do, it just voids your warranty (although if your handset has a definite hardware fault, HTC should replace it).
  10. fcukhtc

    fcukhtc Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's a 32gb, dual core, LTE/4G Telstra HTC One XL. I get so confused with all the different names for the same model.

    When I get my replacement I think I might root it. Can I always go back to the stock setup if I don't like it?

    I love the look and function of it stock, but if it can run that bit smoother and faster it may be worth it because I use it for everything all day. Social networking, media, work, browsing, forums, etc
  11. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    You don't have to lose the stock feel. A lot of the custom ROMs use Sense but are slicker and feel a lot smoother than HTC's stock offering.

    Not sure what's available for your handset, but certainly for the Tegra 3 One X, the Sense based ROMs are a massive improvement over stock.
  12. fcukhtc

    fcukhtc Well-Known Member

    Okay, cool. I'll look in to it
  13. hogofddyn_

    hogofddyn_ Well-Known Member

    I might be wrong on this, but I decided against the SGS3 due to it using the exfat file system (rather than ext4) and went for the One X.

    Exfat seemed to cause increasing lag and force closes/freezes the more I used it on my original SGS, friends have complained about the same on the Galaxy Tab + SGS2, so when I heard that they hadn't changed the filesystem for the SGS3 that killed it for me. Didn't get a Galaxy Note for the same reason.
  14. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey, I have moved this to our new forum, the Device/Carrier Comparison forum. Thanks for understanding :)
  15. 3djedi

    3djedi Well-Known Member

    I keep seeing all over the net how the S3 blows away HOX in the benchmarks. However, this is the international models. Here in the states BOTH phones use 1.5ghz snapdragon processors. So I was curious as to how the benchmarks compared when using two stateside models of the S3 and HOX. Anyone seen these figures?

    One thing I really like on the S3 is that "smart stay" thing that keeps the screen turned on while you are looking at it. Do you think someone will develop an app that might mimic this idea?
  16. Another chart I want to share:

  17. Android26

    Android26 Well-Known Member

    USA S3 isn't out yet to be tested and benchmarked.
  18. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Well-Known Member

    Benchmarks generally mean feck all anyway, they can be manipulated to say untrue readings too.

    The real test is how the OS performs when using it yourself rather than using a test.
  19. paulrh

    paulrh Well-Known Member

    What can definitely be said to be the truth is that Samsung are very good at marketing their products. HTC are not even also-rans in this department.
  20. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Smart stay is already available on other handsets thanks to XDA devs.

    I thought sense was bog-slow on my One X, but now I use Nova launcher and it's the phone it should have been since the off.
  21. 3djedi

    3djedi Well-Known Member

  22. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Engadget just reviewed the American models and compared them. Can't link since I'm the app but it's right on the front page.
  23. Blackfryar

    Blackfryar Member

    Have to agree. I use apex launcher and its way faster than the stock sense.
  24. 3djedi

    3djedi Well-Known Member

    Does changing the launcher do anything for the multi tasking issue?

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