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Samsung Galaxy S4 16Gb only? (Canada)General

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  1. N7Ascension

    N7Ascension New Member

    I heard that Canada will be getting the 16GB version, I live in Toronto and this is definitely not enough for me. I plan to have alot of games on it and the os itself will take quite a bit of that 16gb. Does anyone know if the 32 or 64gb versions will come out later? (I need it by June 20th) Please let me know! D:

  2. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    Not on immediate release sorry and I sympathise with your dilemma.

    This is the difference between Apple and Android manufacturers.....
    With Apple they sell their hardware directly to the customer be that Online or through the High Street.
    As such they keep stock of all storage sizes.

    Android manufacturers on the other hand rely solely on Carriers and Wholesale buyers. Online shops and High Street stores purchase from the Wholesale stockists.
    As demand for larger storage devices is much lower due to costs of the storage (which btw is ludicrous) the Carriers and Wholesalers purchase the cheaper 16GB Devices.
  3. N7Ascension

    N7Ascension New Member


    I understand, but I still think it's unacceptable. I hope it comes out later at least :/

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