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  1. Tidybitz

    Tidybitz Member

    Hi Everyone. I have just recently upgraded from an SG2 to an SG4 and everything is basically fine apart from one small thing. Previously on my S2, my contact photos would show up in the text message list against whoever had sent me a text. I would like to ask if I am doing anything wrong or omitting something now with my S4, as no pictures are showing from my contacts who send text messages although they show in phone calls? Could anyone please give me any help please.

    Many Thanks.


    Just to let everyone know that after some fiddling around with my phone, I seem to have found the solution to my problem above.
    I always save my contacts to both the phone and the sim card, and as contact pictures are attached to phone contacts only, I deleted all the sim contacts and hey presto, my contact pictures immediately appeared in my text list. I then just re-copied all my contacts back to my sim card afterwards, and now everything is fine. :)


  2. Depends. Are the photos assigned to your contacts manually or from accounts synced to your phone like Facebook?
  3. Tidybitz

    Tidybitz Member

    Hi, Many thanks for your response. Yes, my photos are attached manually, I don't use Facebook or any other social network or sync any photos anywhere if this helps. I know its not a big problem, but it worked fine on my GS2 and I am not doing anything different on this phone. Wonder if it is the same with anyone else.
  4. jza95

    jza95 New Member

    I just figured it out on my phone. For some reason the contact photos for text messages are linked to the contacts on the SIM and not the device. I manually added pictures to the contacts that are on the device. I went into contacts and deleted the SIM contacts. I re-added the contacts from the device to the SIM and now it works.

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