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Samsung Galaxy S4 Freezing and restartSupport

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  1. hammody1977

    hammody1977 New Member

    I got a new Samsung S4 Octa-core version, I had a problem that whenever I'm using the video-call on Chat-on application and when attempting to switch the camera from the front to the rear; the phone will freeze then restart from itself.
    I contact Samsung service center and they replace the phone, and unfortunately the problem is also exist in the new phone.
    I'd like to know if anybody faced the same problem, by the way my friend is also has the same problem.

  2. fam

    fam Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a software bug youll have to keep nagging them about...until then...use skype or something different?
  3. hammody1977

    hammody1977 New Member

    The problem adressed to Samsung research center, still waiting for thier feedback.

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