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  1. 2for-Slash

    2for-Slash Member

    Hey all,

    I have recently bought the Samsung Galaxy sII, and am absolutely loving it. The speed is great, battery is decent and as are the applications available.

    There is but one issue I have come across. The only means I have found to manage files is via Kies air. Kies is a fun little program but it really isnt a file management system for the phone. I am curious if there is a software that will allow me to create folders, move files around and the like - More or less act as windows explorer :D

    Thanks for the time!


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    When you connect your phone to the PC, choose mass storage mode. You'll be able to see your phone's internal sd storage as a flash drive on My Computer and manage its contents via Windows Explorer or its Mac counterpart.
  3. 2for-Slash

    2for-Slash Member

    When i connect via usb it does not recognize and asks me to either insert a disk or search for the file. would it be fair to assume there is a driver online for the phone?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You have Kies on your PC right? It should install the drivers when you connect the phone to Kies on PC while in Kies mode.
  5. 2for-Slash

    2for-Slash Member

    No, I was using Kies Air on my phone, I am currently installing Kies for my PC. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. 2for-Slash

    2for-Slash Member

    "Reconnect the device in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) move. Current connection mode not supported by Kies."

    Is there just a standard kies app on GS2? Cannot seem to find anything but Kies Air... and that doesn't seem to work.
  7. 2for-Slash

    2for-Slash Member

    The program seemed to work fairly well but for some reason the message above keeps popping up and will not recognize my phone.
  8. Remeniz

    Remeniz Well-Known Member

    Before you connect the phone.....

    Go to Settings then Wireless and network. Then go to USB utilities and click on Connect storage to PC.

    It'll tell you to connect the phone to the PC. Once you connect the screen changes showing the green Android. Press the button to connect and he'll turn orange......

    You phones storage and SD card if inserted will now show up in My Computer where you can access and sort your files accordingly.
  9. kebark

    kebark Well-Known Member

    o_O why do people make this hard for themselves?

    Click on "Applications" and the find "My Files"
    From here you can do everything on the phone

    You can do the following in there:
    Create new folders (this example is used for the gallery but shove in what you want and the right app will pick it up)
    Move files
    Set up hidden folders

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