Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket 4.0.4 Root

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  1. Hutch191

    Hutch191 New Member

    Hey everyone, I just put 4.0.4 using Kies on my Skyrocket. Im wanting to root and put CM9 on it. Ive never rooted before and was just wondering how to do it and if I can even do it right now since I put ICS on it. Thanks for looking.

  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey Hutch191, welcome to AF! I moved your thread into the All Things Root section. Thanks for understanding :)
  3. Hutch191

    Hutch191 New Member

    Thanks im still figuring things out.
  4. oniham

    oniham New Member

    google the galaxy s2 toolkit, it's on XDA

    This toolkit pretty much provides you with everything you need, just fyi if you need to flash to stock dl the stock att rom from xda because this thing downloaded the t-mobile rom for my phone. Which i flashed and thought I bricked my phone lol
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  5. Hutch191

    Hutch191 New Member

    Ok I downloaded the toolkit. I flashed CWM with it and rooted. Or so I thought. I have superuser and everything but when I try to use rom manager it says I need to flash CWM wich I thought I already did with the toolkit. So I try to do it with Rom manager and it says An error occurred while trying to run privileged commands! I'm stuck. I cant figure out how to flash a Rom with the toolkit and I cant use Rom manager. Any advice? I need something broken down Barney style. I'm not to good with this rooting stuff. Thanks

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