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  1. Syed Asad Ali

    Syed Asad Ali Member

    Dear All,

    I got my GS II a couple of days back and im happy with this device. A strange problem im having is that when I open 'Gallary', it takes a very long time (10 - 20 seconds) to open. I purchased it while primarily considering its amazing dual core processor and blazing speed.

    I think there should not be any hardware issue. Please help.

  2. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    That does not sound right. Mine takes maybe one second to open the gallery... Perhaps a large Picassa gallery is causing it to enumerate each online pictures and that is delay? Speculation only.
  3. Syed Asad Ali

    Syed Asad Ali Member

    well. i just had a few pictures in it and nothing at all. i even deleted them and tried, it still is taking 3 to 10 seconds. everything else is as fast as it should be. i dont want to put myself into hassles of claiming the warranty before im sure there really is a problem.
  4. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    Well it might be worth doing a full wipe and retesting. It will reset your phone to factory defaults but your contacts, WIFI and installed applications will be saved by Google provided you said yes to allow Google to back up settings when you first signed in. After wipe and boot and you sign in with Google your applications will begin to be downloaded again automatically.

    If you are interested in a full wipe go to: Settings... Privacy...Factory Data Reset. Good luck!
  5. Gxavier

    Gxavier Member

    Go to task manager (hold home key for 2-3 seconds, task manager) click RAM and click clear memory. try gallery again. should fix it.
  6. Syed Asad Ali

    Syed Asad Ali Member

    Thanks Snazzy, I did just that and the problem is resolved. However, I will be completely satisfied once I fully personalize my SGS II such as push email (4 email accounts) etc. I hope there wont be any issues even after that................ But ..... the million dollar question is, why did it take so long to open the gallery before resetting my phone.
  7. lankunit

    lankunit Well-Known Member

    I actually think its to do with cacheing of the files... I have the same problem and I am now running a custom rom and even after wipe has the same delay in opening gallery. But if you let it load and close gallery and open it again it will load very quickly. Either this or its to do with the actual Hard drive on the phone - I have not formatted this since I have purchased it. I will give it a go when I find the time.

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