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Samsung Galaxy SII X Case Size?

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  1. chatyak

    chatyak New Member


    Would cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S2 also fit the Samsung Galaxy S2 X? I'm having a hard time finding out if I can buy a case for one and have it fit the other.

    EDIT: I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 X SGH-T989D - I am told this is the same version as the Samsung Galaxy S2 X from TMobile? If that's the case, I can find a case based on that model then...

    Can someone confirm?

  2. TashaLlama

    TashaLlama New Member

    I'm also curious about this :) Does anyone know if the S II X is much different in dimensions or camera position than the S II? Some of my favourite Case/Skin companies offer ones for the SII, but I can't find any for the X yet.
  3. chatyak

    chatyak New Member

    I bought a case for the samsung galaxy s II t-mobile version t989 - it fits fine.
  4. TashaLlama

    TashaLlama New Member

    That's good to know, thanks!

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