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  1. niraj11

    niraj11 New Member

    My samsung galaxy SL is getting restarted automatically without any message and notice and even its not restarting properly and its always got stuck some kind of restarting loop.At this moment I have to do the restarting manually and after restarting all my contacts and files are get removed from system also.:mad::mad::mad:

    1 month ago I have updated my android to gingerbread 2.3.6 and from past 2-3 days i am having this problem.:(:(:(

    Please any one suggest something regarding this.:confused::confused::confused:

  2. justineaj

    justineaj New Member

    me too facing the same issue
  3. dinosudheer

    dinosudheer New Member

    turn off the fone hold up volume rocker + home key + power
    button and now in the options select delete data and next clear
    catche partition and restart now.this should work otherwise you
    have to update with new firmware again
  4. naveenmass

    naveenmass New Member

    Me too facing the probs can any one give proper solution for it ... ??/
  5. naveenmass

    naveenmass New Member

    i tried it when i do tht procedure volume up + poer key + home key it alows my mobile to slowly shut down and forms a black screen !!! what to do now ?
  6. Lokesh12

    Lokesh12 New Member

    I had the same issue in my 4 month old gt-i9003. Samsung replaced motherboard which seems to have fixed the issue. Seems to be a common problem with gt-i9003.
  7. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    reflash again with the same firmware or a new one.. it may be that you did something wrong when you guys flashed it or something :D

    -it never hurts to hit on thanks!
  8. Ravi Varma

    Ravi Varma New Member

    Hi Guys..
    I too had the same problem. My GT-I9003 suddenly started restarting and it keeps restarting untill battery drains. If I remove the battery or manually start it back again.. It will ask the setup and all my contacts, messages are lost. I tried several troubleshoots and of no use.. I gave it to samsung authorised service for three times and finally got the mother board replaced. But again the problem started on the same day. I faced this issue for around 2 weeks and thought of
    throwing my phone away.. but finally one day I found the cause and solution for this issue..

    The main reason for this issue is, our phone got bricked..(99% of chance for Soft Brick and 1% of chance for hard brick).
    I tried the following troubleshoot.. (This is the resolution for Soft Brick Issue)

    1. Turnoff the phone..
    2. Press the Volume up key on the left side of the phone and Home key simultaneously..
    3. Holding those two keys.. Press the power on key..
    4. Now your phone enters into recovery mode
    5. There select the option to Factory reset and do the factory reset. I remember it as 3rd option..
    6. After the factory reset, clear the partition cache which will be the 4th option in recovery mode..
    7. After doing both these, there will be an option to reboot the phone.. select and let the phone restart..

    If your phone is Soft bricked.. the issue will be resolved.. as like mine. Still if the problem exists, then the phone might got hard bricked(u r d unlucky 1%) and try replacing the internal sd card..
  9. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    no my friend this problem is very common in all GT-i9003 devices due to corruption of the internal SD card without any reason but exhaustion of it as the samsung center here told me >>>> the only solution is to change the board of the phone with a great chance that the problem will occur again >>>> this video will show you the same problem i faced and recorded in order that every body can see

    " Internal SD card Unexpectedly removed " i9003, Samsung Logo - YouTube

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