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  1. So I think I found a Developer Phone but cant seem to match the model number to any internet searches. Has anyone ever heard of Model SGH-i237 or how i can figure out what is is. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but kind of hard to pick a phone forum without knowing what it is. It is an ATT phone

  2. Sierra255

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    I can't find anything about a SGH-i237. Are you sure that's correct? The Galaxy S4 (AT&T version) is the SGH-i337.
  3. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    Did you get that model number out of the settings about device?
  4. i took the back cover off and battery and its printed on the label S/N label. I know it is crazy i can't find anything either. image-4.jpeg
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    The home screen does say life companion though so idk .... this is driving me nuts

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  6. More Details, It looks like the galaxy express, but it doesnt match the model number either.... It is running Android 4.2.2
  7. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    Did you look in the settings, about device,model number?
  8. yep model number is sgh-i237 and device i think just said samsung. Nothing else to really go off of, but it was probably used by ATT tech support for app/network development stuff. The back camera causes crashes and doesnt work when used.

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