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  1. brittlee001

    brittlee001 New Member

    I had my phone plugged into my computer via the USB cord today installing the updates through the verizon software...and it seems that during this my computer performed an update while I was away from my laptop.
    I returned to my computer after probably like 20 minutes and now my stellar won't turn on at all. It doesn't even seem to be charging.
    Sometimes when plugged into the USB port the led will glow red for a minute or so, but it never stays.
    I can't find a solution anywhere.

    Any suggestions, or should I just go to my verizon store?

  2. KE6ALV

    KE6ALV Member

    Have you tried taking the battery out of the phone?

    Unplug it from the USB cable, take the battery out for 30 seconds or so, then put it back in and try turning on the phone. Not sure if that would help or not. If not, call customer service and see what the can advise. The'd be the ones who would have to send a warrently replacement, which unfortunately takes 3 or 4 days. You can try taking it to the store first.

    Good luck with it!
  3. brittlee001

    brittlee001 New Member

    I actually went to the verizon store today and the tech guy said my phone shorted.
    They're overnighting me a new one.

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