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  1. mindroid

    mindroid New Member

    I just bought a refurbished samsung galaxy tab 10.1 P7510 model. when i try to charge the tablet it continuously plugs and unplugs itself. it came with around 15% battery charged when I got it but as I wanted to charge it, it charges up to around 38% and would not charge further. when i try to charge it, it charges for 2 seconds and discharges itself and the process continues until I take out the cable from the tablet. I know the galaxy tab cannot be charged on your computer. i was charging via adapter that came with the tablet on my outlet. please help me with the situation. I even tried to factory reset it, but it doesnot work.

  2. sleeco

    sleeco Well-Known Member

    If you have a guarantee send it back as it looks like it's faulty
  3. mindroid

    mindroid New Member

    I dont have a warranty or a guarantee. I bought a refurbished one. now I dont have any juice left in the battery, so the tablet wont turn on. even if i try to charge it, it charges for few seconds and a yellow triangle appears.
  4. Coach70

    Coach70 Well-Known Member

    Actually the SGT can be charged by plugging it into a computer. It's a much slower charge than the normal power supply and the charging icon has a red cross over it, but it is still charging.

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