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  1. MarioCardona81

    MarioCardona81 New Member

    Im having problems when charging my note 10.1, the battery icon shows like this:


    when the device is turn off , it shows that is charging but it isnt

    can anyone help me ?

  2. RichardSeq

    RichardSeq Well-Known Member


    I am sorry, but this is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 forum.
  3. MarioCardona81

    MarioCardona81 New Member

    My device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  4. 4thesport

    4thesport New Member

    I'm also having a problem with charging my 10.1 tablet. I had it plugged in all night and it only shows at 46%.
  5. spnrmh

    spnrmh New Member

    Can you suggest what solved this issue? I am facing same problem. Plugged in whole night, it is sowing 36%.

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