Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 miscellaneous files??

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  1. jzmc1

    jzmc1 New Member

    Storage 8b tab 2 sd card - showing Device Memory - Miscellaneous Files 1.24gb - when broken down further bwb 40.59mb, VLE books 40.59mb, ebooks 1.12gb, kindle 42.46mn, .cr3 etc.

    Can i delete these files without any problems on my device? Obviously i know VLE books relates to books but what is bwb and can either of these be deleted.

    Your comments would be appreciated and i hope i have given enough information above - if not please say and i will provide more.

  2. Phoenix1974

    Phoenix1974 Well-Known Member

    Slightly different but i have a galaxy note 2 phone and noticed these miscellaneous files taking up precious space so deleted them, big mistake! I ended deleting vital files needed for my s note application and had to ask a very nice forum member for access to their files on Dropbox.

    The upshot is the phone is fine now but make sure you know everything you delete is ok to delete.

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