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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" - Included Games?

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  1. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member


    I am considering ordering one of these, but what games come pre installed, I am really interested in NOVA , also i see now Samsung is giveing away

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Nova, Asphalt 5 and Need for speed for free.

    Plus you can get 5 games from gameloft using the free offer.
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  3. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Excellent, thank-you
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    no probs :)
  5. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Just ordered one, I want among other thing to read my epub ebooks, I hope it allows you to import them.:)

    How much if you don't mind?
  6. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Just got my TAB , only Nova installed , no Asphalt 5 :(

    I tried registering for the
  7. bartlaroc

    bartlaroc Member

    goto Applications, Samsung Apps .... Need For Speed Shift & Nova Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance are there to download & install .... free

    Bart :cool:
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  8. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    I found "Need For Speed Shift" myself about 30mins ago, thank for the heads-up thought :)

    Was Asphalt 5, pulled or something? , unless they have added it to the
  9. bartlaroc

    bartlaroc Member

    i thought i saw Asphalt 5 in the samsung apps a few days ago, but i may be mistaken .... in Market, search for Asphalt 5 shows a free Asphalt 5 HD
  10. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Looks like a demo, I installed it but it does not fill the full screen and the touch buttons do not respond, I am using spare parts, and it has worked fine until now?

  11. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    no don't install the market version, its not compatible with the tab. You should also delete the game data that market version installed on your sdard.

    Asphalt should be in the samsung market, if not they may have removed it for whatever reason.

    Nova came pre-installed on my tab though..
  12. TomXP411

    TomXP411 Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that there are 4 different models of the Tab. I've used the Verizon and T-Mobile versions in the US, and each had different software and features installed.

    Among other differences, the TMO version had 16GB of on-board storage - in addition to SD storage. The Verizon model needed an SD card.
  13. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    The Samsung update app said that it needed to updated itself, after it did, it said their was 7 updates, one was Asphalt 5 so i downloaded it, but when it runs all i get is a black screen and then after about 5 seconds the tab vibrates once and the three times and then it drops back to the desktop, what gives?

  14. nambuco

    nambuco Member

    SGT comes with ebook reader that reads epub. There are also many other ebook applications. I use Moon+ Pro.


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