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Samsung Galaxy Tab SCH-I800 upgrade to JellyBean

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  1. sanjithml

    sanjithml New Member

    plz help me to upgrade to JellyBean.
    Thanks in advance

  2. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    There are Cyanogenmod packages for Jellybean, but they are still in testing. The latest stable, is still ICS. You might consider holding at ICS for now.
  3. sanjithml

    sanjithml New Member

    oh.. Thank You jasonacg...
    I flashed JellyBean Cyanogenmod package.. works like charm in it..
    only trouble sound not working.. need to google it..
    any help appreciated..
    works well stuffs like .. camera (except front), wifi, bluetooth.. wife tethering .. cool..
    touch response is also good..
  4. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    I decided to try the Jellybean packages for myself. I do have sound on mine. Tried Youtube, netflix, and a few other things, and it's working. Also getting notification sounds.

    My biggest issue, is with Google Maps. It won't retrieve my current location. The GPS is active (and the icon shows that it has a location fix), and other applications, including Facebook and GPS Status will report my position, but the Google applications don't seem to be getting that data.

    I have not tried Bluetooth or tethering. I deactivated my device two months ago, and work only from WiFi. That seems to be working well.
  5. mricchio

    mricchio Member

    what versions of Jellybean did you guys Flash?
  6. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    I'm using the nightly builds from the Cyanogenmod website.

    After a few weeks, here's what I've noticed:
    1) Device freezes. This has been happening on previous versions, too...not unique to CM10. It just won't come out of standby sometimes, without a hard reset.

    2) Wifi. It can handle basic, quick tasks with no problem. But on a large download (like the next nightly build), the wireless connection will just drop, for no reason. I'm the sole user of a 75-megabit fiber connection, in point-blank range of the router. So, it's definitely something within the device, and nothing related to signal quality or network overload.

    3) GPS. Unlike my initial experience, Google Maps can now receive GPS data correctly, but it seems like it might still be hit-or-miss with some other GPS-dependent apps.

    Overall, I'm ready to suggest it for installation. Although it's still in nightly builds, it seems stable enough to use regularly.
  7. gnpath

    gnpath New Member

    Interesting, once we've JB.
    I recently upgraded my Galaxy S2 phone to ICS and love the experience.
    I'm looking to update my Galaxy 7 (verizon) SCH-I800 to ICS ?

    Any pointers/Links ? Searched and couldn't find a link...

    Appreciate any response.

  8. jshanecook

    jshanecook Member

    Get jelly bean from cyanogen mods website. I'm running it on my sch-1800. Everything works except the hot spot. WiFi works great
  9. jshanecook

    jshanecook Member

    Look for the one that says experimental-p1c-cdesai. Its for the sch-1800
  10. Petegunns

    Petegunns Well-Known Member

    My only issue with Jellybean is that the interface looks like a big phone again on my tablet - you can remedy this to some degree by removing the persistent search bar, but eliminating the app drawer icon is not an option (as far as I've tried), and maintaining the notification bar and navigation keys at the bottom of the screen while in portrait mode is aesthetically superior imo...

    I could be all wrong about this, and I really hope that I am, since the most recent nightly build is rather snappy...

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