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Samsung Galaxy Victory FeedbackGeneral

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  1. sramse05

    sramse05 Member

    Looking for any and all feedback on the Samsung Galaxy Victory. I've got the device and I'm rather impressed with what you get for the money. Interested to hear other user opinions. If you are having any issues would be interested in that as well.

  2. xInterlopeRx

    xInterlopeRx Well-Known Member Developer

    Are you interested in getting root? If you are we'd love to help, and if you don't mind, get some partition dumps off the device. let Shabbypenguin or interloper know on IRC freenode #oudhitsquad.
  3. b3nj4m1n

    b3nj4m1n Member

    Got it for the gf when it came out, she seems to like but I keep trying to tell her to get the gs3, gotta decide by Saturday but I'm pretty sure she's gonna keep it because she doesn't want a giant phone that doesn't fit in her pockets.

    My impressions are pretty good though, very snappy, got most of everything you get with the gs3, what I'm disappointed with is the screen being lcd. It's still not bad but I just really like amoled screens, when we first got it she even said "the screen is crappier" cuz she was coming from an epic.. She doesn't mind it by though.

    The other thing is the build, it feels like a thick piece of cheap plastic to me. I have the TMobile blaze which is almost the exact same size but just a tiny bit thinner and it feels so much better in the hand. Maybe it's the curves on the back of ut it feels skinnier even though it just barely is, and the blaze has a nice rubbery back and an over all feel of quality compared to the slippery cheap plasticy feel of the victory. I'm hoping to find a nice pretty thin silicone skin for it and hopefully that will help but there's just about nothing available so far...

    Overall though it's a pretty good phone and I think I she'll be happy with it, even more so whenever they bring lte to town..

    Oh and one more major thing I just remembered, everywhere says it has 4gb storage while it has only 2 and NO way to move stuff to the sd card, what the mother ****?!
  4. sramse05

    sramse05 Member

    good point on the internal memory, looking into it and thanks for the heads up.

    InterlopeR- Not interested in a root, would love to think I am technically inclined enough to be comfortable with rooting a device but not there yet. I can do everything I need to do with the device on the stock ROM.
  5. b3nj4m1n

    b3nj4m1n Member

    I'm interested, what would I have to do?
  6. Cylemmulo

    Cylemmulo Member

    Anyone else using this having home button issues? Like it takes over a second for the phone to react, the back and menu buttons seem normal though.
  7. sramse05

    sramse05 Member

    any additional details you can provide? Happen to notice if this occurs under any specific conditions like when running multiple programs, backing out of apps, etc.
  8. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    My friend got this phone and i plan to be a dev
  9. b3nj4m1n

    b3nj4m1n Member

    Open s voice and disable the double tap home to start option, that's what's causing that
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  10. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    Gs3 devs have hacked a way to swap sd. There is a mention about this topic in the galaxy stellar forum in the thread titled things not in the guide book. This hack may be viable for other galaxy phones as well.
  11. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    Good to hear... I got my
  12. xban4901

    xban4901 New Member

    Anyone interested in a rooted Victory for sale? I'm new to xda, so im unable to post on the correct thread

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