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Samsung Galaxy W Apps Problem

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  1. stublee

    stublee New Member

    I have tried out a few apps to toggle on / off 3g data including *Juice Defender* All work OK until phone is switched off and then when switched on again my 3g is lost. I have checked APN settings after and my Access Point Name ( Virgin Media ) is not shown. The only way I am able to get 3g back is to uninstall apps / widget and reboot etc.

    Appreciate any help to keep this app working as find it a quick way to toggle data on and off to save battery.

  2. pixaro

    pixaro Well-Known Member

    Try "2G-3G OnOff" widget by CurveFish.
  3. stublee

    stublee New Member

    Many thnx for that ...... although it's not a direct toggle switch as such it takes you to settings menu directly saving time etc. I used to be able to get other toggle apps to work but I think recent updates have somehow affected these ( Gingerbread ) Best I'm going to get .........


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