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  1. Bubuka

    Bubuka New Member

    Hello everyone!!!

    I am new on this forum but I need a big help. I bought my Samsung Galaxy W i 8150 2 weeks ago. I was very happy with the purchase until I started to have problems with sending messages. I try to send messages and they keep failing. I always have to resend them. It happens randomly,10 messages go through and another 5 fail. It is very annoying. It is not acceptable for me from the brand new phone. I tried everything to fix it. I tried to change the contact numbers, change the setting, uninstall applications but it keeps coming back. I am really desperate now. I had read some forums on internet and it looks that there is a software problem. Can anybody help me please? Does it happen to anyone else too?

    I would really appreciate your help.

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  2. jccage

    jccage Active Member

    I had it when I was first using the phone. If you're still on version 2.3.5, try and install an software update. It should bring it to version 2.3.6. That update fixed it for me :)
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  3. Buckeye85

    Buckeye85 New Member

    I have just noticed the same problem, having just had my phone for 2 wks. I am in unfamiliar waters here, to say that I am green is an understatement. How does one go about updating to a 2.3.6 ?

    Thank you.
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  4. agnes mok

    agnes mok New Member

    my phone just bought two days ago.. luckily don't have this problem..
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  5. bazza49

    bazza49 New Member

    Hi, You need to download Samsung Kies utility on your PC, plug in your Galaxy W via USB cable and Kies should offer you the upgrade.
    I have also been getting SMS message "failed" warnings, never had this with any other phone. I have just upgraded (Dec 7) to latest firmware so will see if that helps.
    Link -
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  6. josephniet

    josephniet Member

    I have also been having this problem, along with some issues with calls and signal in general - Three UK have already issued me with a replacement handset and sim. Every time you connect/reconnect to a cell tower the first text message fails.
    Turning off packet data can help with signal sometimes, but this is really unacceptable for a new handset.

    I'm on android 2.3.5 atm, will try an update now.

    What network are you guys on?
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  7. josephniet

    josephniet Member

    I can't see an update to 2.3.6? Kies says everything is up to date, as does settings>about phone>software update.
    The only mention of an update to 2.3.6 I can find is here: GT-I8150 (Galaxy W) | Samsung Updates

    I've contacted both Samsung and Three about this problem, but will probably exchange this phone.
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  8. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    I am having the same problem (having to resend text messages most of the time).
    I loaded Kies which says there is a firmware upgrade but after about 10 mins of upgrading, the upgrade fails and the phone screen is stuck on a "downloading" screen.
    Fortunately, removing the battery and re-inserting lets me get back to normal. I have tried the "emergency recovery" but that failed too.
    Really pleased with the phone apart from this annoying problem.
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  9. Andy dandelion

    Andy dandelion New Member

    Try updating via the phone. Updated to 2.3.6 yesterday and fixed messaging problem but now can't reply or send emails.
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  10. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    Thanks Andy, have now updated via phone and it all seems to be working (but the I only did it half an hour ago!)
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  11. peeleuuh

    peeleuuh Member

    i bought my phone with version 2.3.6 and i also have this problem.. no updates available via the phone..
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  12. ShunYan

    ShunYan New Member

    me too.. so have you fixed d problem?
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  13. jonathan0414

    jonathan0414 New Member

    i just updated may galaxy wonder yesterday, because it also hangs up more often... when i saw the update it automatically download and update my 2.3.5 to 2.3.6.. and it fix everything... no more hang... i can now enjoy the 1.4hgz of the processor... :))) hope that your device will be fixed soon.... and i hope there will be ICS update for our phones.... good day everyone...
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  14. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    My wife has bought Samsung Galaxy W two months ago. It has Andriod 2.3.5 revision installed currently. It is with three network. She is having the same problem. When you send a text it says failed. And when you try and make a call it says dialing but no ring tone. So you have to hang up and dial again and it connects straight away. Three staff suggested changing the sim card which we have done and still the same problem.

    I have read some of the comments above but not really sure where to download the Android 2.3.6 revision. I have installed samsung Kies and that is saying 2.3.5 is the latest.

    Does any one else have this problem ? Please raise this issue so Android developers try and fix it quickly.
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  15. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    Did you try to use your phone (FOTA)
    Applications> Settings> About phone> Software Update > updates

    when you have the update, it can take some time before before the phone are ready please wait some times.

    When I vent to - about the phone - for writing this to your - there was a new update :) :) but the version still is 2.3.6

    Hope this can help you, but sorry my bad english :) ore come back and I will try again.
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  16. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Hello Queeni, Yes I have tried (FOTA) it says no updates available. So the version on the phone is still 2.3.5.
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  17. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    strangely enough when i connected my gfs w to kies it was requesting to update... however hers is at 2.3.6.... so im kinda scared to allow it to upgrade incase it downgrades!? it does have a problem where if left un touched for a couple of hours it comes up with a force close error... this can cause things like the alarm to not work!

    what do ya think we should do? risk upgrading or just leave it as is?
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  18. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    It is conceivable that there is no update, yet, in your country !!

    I can
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  19. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    As I wrote to hathiams
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  20. hathiams

    hathiams Member

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  21. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    In Ireland on Meteor is 2.3.6?????

    Try Check Fus App from Market....

    It checks all FW available in Kies...

    You could then Flash with ODIN....

    much easier and more reliable than sh11ty Kies.
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  22. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Hello Dannymur, The link you have given does not work ? Please could you check and resend. Thanks.
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  23. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Sorry hathiams...

    left some characters at the end of URL....

    if just seems odd that 2.3.6 is not available in UK!!!!

    Of course, you could flash almost any Euro 2.3.6 ROM, via ODIN, which would not have your Service Provider Branding!!!!!

    Check FUS [Firmware Update Status] simply checks Kies Database for ROM which suits your Product Code and CSC.....
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  24. jestersdead

    jestersdead New Member

    We have 2 of these phones in the house, both bought at the same time. Both suffered with the text problem but one much more than the other, even when at home!

    I tried to update both via the phone and wifi but both said there was no update available. Tried Kies and both updated to 2.3.6 and the problem is solved!! Neither have had any errors for 3 days now :)
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  25. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    my gf got her w at end of jan, hers came with 2.3.6 already installed. o2 uk!

    it has since had one upgrade through kies but remained on .6!
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