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  1. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Bought my phone from 3 and it is having the same problem. First txt i send always fails. Tried updating firmware but keeps saying non available. 2.3.5 at the moment. Sent to 3 for repair with a photo copy of this thread(expecting them to update firmware) but they sent phone back saying they could find no fault. Useless ! Can't they read ? Also took photo copy of this thread into 3 shop but they were not interested in reading it !!! All they were willing to was send the phone back for repair again...which would be another waste of time seeing as they could not find a fault even with the evidence i have from this forum. Terrible customer service from 3 shop in Huddersfield and the repair centre in nuneaton. HELP ! ! !

  2. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    We have had the same problem with my wifes phone galaxy W with three network. Phone has been back for repair and the problem is still present. Three Customer service just want us to keep sending it back for repair. Three customer service informed us that they had withdrawn the phone from sale as it has a problem with the three network but then that same person kept telling us the phone needed to go for repair. Currently in the process of writing a complaints letter to three about the problem we have faced with this phone. But from the reviews I have read the three complaints department is as bad as the customer service department.
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  3. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Hi, here is an update with regards to txt message failing on this phone. the first message you send fails,but only when packet data(internet) is connected,and then it is only the first txt that is sent which fails. At first i thought txt sending failure was a random issue,but the reason i thought this was i was periodically turning on and off the data connection so as to save the battery life which is pretty dreadful when you have it switched on. So every time i switched data off reconnected to the data, the first txt would fail. Very frustrating as you need to be switched to the internet data to receive emails notifications directly to the phone, which is important for me. So i had no joy with 3 customer services the first time around(told me to send phone back+came back saying no fault)and i had no joy with the 3 shop staff in Huddersfield who were not interested in reading evidence from this forum and who just wanted to send the phone away for repair again. Since then i have emailed 3 who phoned me back the same day. They told me they are aware of the fault and are "hopefully" going to fix it with a firmware upgrade. I asked whether they could promise that the firmware update would fix the problem, and they could not promise this ! I asked when would the update be available and they could not even give me a rough estimate.(so could be months ?) I asked if they were aware of the fault why was i told by them to send the phone back for repair 14 days ago and why were the 3 shop telling me to send the phone back for repair 4 days ago. Also why did'nt the letter i get from the repair centre make a reference to the known network fault/coming firmware upgrade, instead of stating no fault found. They apologized for this and would look into it. So here i am waiting for a firmware update that i have no idea of when it will come and no guarantee of whether it will fix the fault. I will keep this forum updated with regards the on going issue. Steve.
  4. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for the update. I have started writing on the THREE FACEBOOK PAGE about this problem. So far it has just been ignored by all. I was hoping other people would start to comment who have this same problem and see if three facebook staff replied to it. I was hoping to use people power :-(.
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  5. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    So i had emailed 3 about this problem and i had received a phone call back from them where the 3 tech staff who called told me 3 were aware of the problem. So i called again on wednesday for an update and this time the tech staff i spoke to said there was no mention of this problem on their system ! ! ! Told him i had been called by 3 and assured they knew about issue so he put me on hold while he double checked and he came back and said he had to be honest with me and that he could not find any mention of it. So i then went and checked something else the tech who called me had said...he had said that this problem was mentioned on the samsung website....but i could find no mention of it ! This member of their tech staff sounded quite nice and PROMISED that he would look into it and call me back yesterday...which he did...however i was driving and unable to take the call. I will call them AGAIN later today. Was just wondering if you had any luck via facebook ?
  6. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Hello Newpompom,

    No luck from Facebook either. It looks like its a problem but samsung nor three want to admit to this problem. Three's solution to the problem is they have stopped selling the phone. But Three must have sold this phone to probably a few thousand people in UK alone so what about supporting them.
  7. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    My conversation with Samsung mobile uk on facebook.Waste of time !!!!! Please have a look at the attachment.

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  8. peeleuuh

    peeleuuh Member

    At all pages hete u raad this problem is 3 specificaties and in the UK..
    But i have my sg w, now almost 5 months and i live in belgium..
    Network = Base..

    Suggesting it would be a software issue..
  9. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Hi well i'm still pulling my hair out with regards this problem. Ive just got off the phone from 3 tech help for the umteenth time and i am almost beginning to lose my patience when speaking to them. Since i last spoke to them a 3tech /manager has looked into it and has been in touch with samsung who have told him they are not aware of any problems with the phone ! How can this be when i have spoken to samsung 3 times about it and even have an account number with them whilst the fault is looked into. By the way samsung's take on it was they seem to think it is up to 3 to ring them about it. I have mentioned this website to both 3 and samsung but it seems that whenever i ring either of them up they are totally unaware of its existence..or the problems with the phone ! So having had a 3 tech manager look into this...what do you think they suggested i do ? ? ? Yes...send it to them for repair ! ! ! Crazy ! ! ! So i explained once again how i had already sent it for repair with a copy of the threads from this forum and it was as though they were totally unaware of this and they told me they would take a look at it ! ! ! (HELLO 3, ARE YOU READING THIS ! ! ! THE BBC CONSUMER RIGHTS PROGRAMME WATCHDOG WILL BE READING IT SHORTLY IF YOU DO NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM SOON ! ! !) Maybe not such a bad idea ? Anyone got email address for watchdog ? I do not know much about consumer rights but surely if this phone has a technical fault then they should refund us for it if they cannot repair it ? ? ? Had the phone 4 months now ! ! !
  10. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Hi i was just wondering did you ever get this problem resolved and which network were you on ? i am having the same problem and network 3 nor samsung have been able to fix it.
  11. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Hi Newpp.....

    I cannot believe you are still having this problem.....

    I posted on this thread some time ago....

    and I confirmed, I think, that there was a FW update which fixed this..and apparently worked on most networks....

    I think it was to 2.3.6???

    Has your network provided this upgrade yet??

    ....bearing in mind that the so-called "Value Pack" is now available in some regions.....or anywhere, if you are prepared to flash with ODIN.....

    just to say, much as I despise Sammy for their treatment of customers in relation to ICS....

    I feel "3" are probably to blame here....for the some reason that it seems to be the common denominator in the SMS issue....Sammy FW seems to be OK with other networks....or so it seems...

    To save your sanity, did you ever think of leaving 3....or are you in contract??

    Or perhaps, flash either Samsung fw through Odin......or even a custom ROM???

    Hope you get this sorted, one way or t'other.....
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  12. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Hello dannymur,

    Thanks for your reply and suggestions. The problem is that our phones (SAMSUNG GALAXY W) are Brand new i.e 3/4 months old. They are still under full manufactures warranty. Its a software fault which mean sending it back for repair to Three or Samsung is not going to solve the problem. This possibly needs a OFFICIAL firmware upgrade in the UK to 2.3.6.

    I am not comfortable carrying out unoffical upgrades. Just incase :eek:.

    I am trying to use Android Forums to make people aware of this problem and hoping Samsung and 3 mobile network look at this forum to see how bad they are at reacting/solving problems.


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  13. cynicyborg

    cynicyborg New Member

    To clarify the situation to everyone Android 2.3.6 was tested by 3 UK but they decided not release that update as this update was significantly deteriorating the signal quality in the Galaxy W. It was worth having an issue of not being able to send few sms (which by the way are successful in a retry) than not be able to make and receive calls most of the time. Now it is upto Samsung to fix all issues and release a new update (hopefully ICS).

    This information is from a reliable source in 3UK. So you guys can rely on it.
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  14. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Thanks cynicyborg for the update, the problem on the Galaxy W is more then SMS going on the second try.

    My wife W has these problems:-
    1) Unable to send text messages. First attempt it would say failed and then after few subsequent attempts it will send out.
    2) If the text message is more than couple of lines the receiver only received part of the message, so you never sure that the receiver will receive the full text message.
    3) Problem making calls and receiving calls. When making a call it would show dialling but the call would not connect and then the phone would lockup internally where I could not make call or if someone tried to call me they would get a engaged tone. The only way to come out of this was to restart the phone.

    3 UK are not aware of any of these problem on Galaxy W but they did stop selling the phone only after 2 months.

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  15. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    I emailed 3 again last week ( and i got a reply stating they are working with samsung to update the software and that they will put the details on the website when they get it. Also another problem i have had when using the phone is it suddenly switched itself off and then back on whilst during a call. The length of the call was just over 21mins when it did this. Battery was 3/4s full. Also a video i was recording with it stopped after 47mins even though it was recording onto 16gb san disc and there was plenty of memory still left. No dialing tone at times. This is the first quote "smart ? phone" i have bought.....if only my trusty old nokia N96 was still alive ! ! ! ALSO I HAVE TRIED TO FORMAT THE MEMORY CARD VIA THE PHONE OPTION AND IT WILL NOT FORMAT. THE OPTIONS JUST STAYS SHADED AND DOES NOT LIGHT UP TO CLICK ON. IS THIS ANOTHER SOFTWARE PROBLEM ?
  16. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Hi i have now resolved this problem by taking my phone to my local samsung repair shop who updated the software to 2.3.6 I have been using the phone for a week now and i am happy to say i have not experienced any problems with the new software. Why three could not update for me God only knows. I guess i would still be waiting and waiting and waiting...if it was up to them to resolve it. Anyway top marks to the Samsung customer care team.
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  17. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Problem now resolved by updating to 2.3.6 via Samsung repair centre.
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  18. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Update to 2.3.6 via Samsung repair centre.
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  19. hathiams

    hathiams Member

    Hello Newpompom, Thats good news. We are still fighting a loosing battle with Three. Please could you provide more details of Samsung customer care team. I have tried Samsung and they have told me that as the phone is with Three I must deal with Three Network to sort out this issue.

    Did you post the your phone off to be repaired or did you take it to a walk in repair center ?


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  20. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Hi i phoned up the samsung customer care team TWO MONTHS AGO and back then they gave me an account/reference number to quote when contacting them with the problem. Back then they suggested taking the phone to my local samsung repair shop but i ignored this because the nearest one was 14 miles away in Bradford and i felt it was a problem that three should sort out for me ! Anyway i finally gave up on three having sent numerous i emailed samsung with the problem and quoting the account/ref number they had given me when i phoned up...and they once again suggested i take it to their repair shop. (details of nearest repair shop to you can be found on website) I phoned up the shop prior to taking my phone there and explained the problem to them and they said to bring the phone over to them which i did on my day off of work. They first tried to fix the phone by re-flashing the three software but the txt message failing problem was still there...they then re-flashed it with the original samsung generic software(which customer service said they would) and this immediately fixed the problem. I paid
  21. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    I am a little puzzled by the
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  22. Newpompom

    Newpompom Member

    Hi i was perfectly happy to pay
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  23. Doogs2009

    Doogs2009 New Member

    Im having a similar problem. I just brought this phone Samsung Galaxy W gt18150t Vesion 2.3.6 Android. I tried to send audio message with text and they failed after hanging for a long time on "Sending". Any suggestions on how to fix?
  24. Doogs2009

    Doogs2009 New Member

    It seems Vodafone and 3 and the SGW are the problem here. I am having constant failed message issues.
  25. lu78

    lu78 New Member

    To back this up, this is the response I received on 16/08/12 from my query to Three about the problems i've been having with my phone and my request for the 2.3.6 Gingerbread update on Three:

    "Dear Ms ********

    Thanks for your email about the Android Software (Gingerbread)2.3.6 for your Samsung Galaxy W phone.

    I’m sorry but we don’t have the updated version at the moment, we’ve reviewed the new software update for Samsung Galaxy W and we’ve decided not to offer this particular version to our customers. As soon as the next version is available, we’ll look at it again to make sure it offers clear benefits to our customers before we release it. If you’d like more details on how we review and release software updates, please go to and search ‘software updates’.
    Alternatively you can visit this link Device support - Support - Three

    If we can help with anything else, please call us free on 333 from any Three phone or 0843 373 333 (5.1p/min from a BT landline, other networks may vary) between 8am to 10pm.

    This was obviously a standardised response and it went no way to helping me with the ongoing problems i've been having with this phone *sighs loudly*

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