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  1. FarleyNYC

    FarleyNYC New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy arrived a couple of hours ago, been messing about on it for a while and I've set-up my Wifi but the problem is that whenever I go on the youtube app I get the error..

    "There was a problem starting up. Please check your network connection and system time.''

    Also when I try and download any apps (facebook, wallpapers ect) I get an error top left of the screen saying it could not download successfully.

    I can search on google on my galaxy fine and my connections giving me 3 or 4 bars I just don't understand why some apps aren't working. Anyone have any idea or had the same problem? cheers

  2. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

  3. johnston27

    johnston27 Member

    I'd try a firm update ; if you're on latest ,a factory reset can help (power off phone , then hold volume down+central button+power on. On the screen ,select wipe cache data+wipe user data).

    With this you'll lose all your data though.So backup when needed :)
  4. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    in comparing it with my previous bada wave 525 phone in my usual spot in the office, it wont have the stable wifi connection as i had before. the hotspot is on the next floor. im hoping the next versions can fix this problem.

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