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Samsung galaxy y cant recieve or send messagesGeneral

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  1. walangmaisipeh

    walangmaisipeh New Member

    hindi ako makapag send or makarecieveng messages. di ko alam kung bakit, pero nangyari lang to bigla nung magloko yung globe one night, and then yun tuluyan ng nagloko. next night bigla na lang di ako makapag send at makarecieve ng texts, kina umagahan naayos sya, and then pag dating nanaman ng gabi di nanaman maka recieve at maka send. tapos hanggang ngayon nag bago na sya, minsan kahit umaga di na makasend or makarecieve. di ko po alam kung anong nangyari, bastat di lang ako makasend at maka recieve ng text messages.

    nga pala, yung sim card seems to be on good shape, kasi triny ko syang iinsert sa ibang cellphone, at walnag kaproble problema, nakakapagtext ako ng maayos. and then triny ko din ilagay yung sim ko sa cellhpone ng barkada ko na samsung galaxy y din(parehas kami), ang nangyari di rin ako makasend gamit cp nya. therefore, may i conclude, na nagloloko yung sim ko sa samsung galaxy y. i need help. pakitulungan naman po ako. salamat po

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, walangmaisipeh.

    I see from the title of your thread and from a quick use of Google Translate, that you're having trouble sending and receiving text messages.

    Unfortunately, Google Translate doesn't give all of the nuances of your particular issues, so its going to be difficult for our members to try to help since this is English language site.

    Please let us know if there are other details that might help the good folks here in the Galaxy Y forum to try to help.

    Cheers, and again, welcome to the AndroidForums! :)
  3. walangmaisipeh

    walangmaisipeh New Member

    ohhh. im sorry. thought this was a filipino site, cause i saw some posts that were using filipino language. okay ill translate it.

    i have a sim that cant send messages when i put it in my samsung galaxy y. i tried putting it in another phone, specifically nokia 6300. it worked very very fine. ive been using it for 4days and above, no problem encountered. but when i use it in my samsung galaxy y, i sometimes cant send or recieve messages. that problem lasts for about 3 hours, then after 3 hours, i can send and recieve again. i dont know whats the cause of this problem, this just happened suddenly without any symptoms. i also tried using my sim card in another samsung galaxy y phone(my friend's phone), and the same problem exist, i cant send and recieve either. therefore, i conclude that the problem is between my sim card and samsung galaxy y.
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  4. Agreed.

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