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  1. leena verma

    leena verma New Member

    Hello Everyone
    I bought Samsung Galaxy Y Duos last month and i have a problem. i have set a screen lock code. after 2 minutes of locking the keypad the screen lights up again.. again i close it lights up again... i have checked all the settings i am unable to under stand why its happening in my set.. my sis and bro are also having Samsung smart phones but nothing like this happen in there phones.
    (The problem is after locking the keypad the screen light goes on automatically.. why so. without any notification or message..) it is also consuming more battery.
    Plz help...

  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hello leena verma! Welcome to AF! I moved this to the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos forum, you should get faster help in there. Thanks for joining up! :)
  3. leena verma

    leena verma New Member

    Thnx anti but please resolve my issue... i get irritated of that.. thanks in advance...
  4. mahesh7799

    mahesh7799 Member

    reboot or update ur fireware
  5. xavierhgt

    xavierhgt Member

    thanks for sharing

  6. Kneth

    Kneth Active Member

    Try a factory reset and see if it solves the problem.
  7. abdrash1398sa

    abdrash1398sa New Member

    :):) + 1
  8. xavierhgt

    xavierhgt Member

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