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Samsung Galaxy Y DuosGeneral

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  1. Kneth

    Kneth Active Member

    Why does the following indicate unknown.
    Settings > About phone > Status > My phone number

  2. xavierhgt

    xavierhgt Member

    I too came across these sort of problems through one of my friends. I would like to suggest few consequences of this occurrence as It may be due to the phone number is not populated on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card or the SIM card was not provisioned for the authorized phone to recognize the phone number else The phone number is programmed in the wrong slot on the SIM card.

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  3. meniki2009

    meniki2009 Member

    Go to Contacts->Settings->Own numbers
    here you can enter your number.
  4. Kneth

    Kneth Active Member

    On Androids you cannot edit the phone number in the SIM. I successfully edited it on a Blackberry.

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