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  1. kimpete88

    kimpete88 New Member

    Help please, memory showing full and hardly anything on my phone. Cannot put face book on or anything!:mad:

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums, kimpete88. :)

    It appears that you need to go into the Application Manager and clear cache on your most used apps and widgets.

    Also, make sure you have no media (songs, ring tones, music, pictures, etc) in the internal storage that can be moved to the external sd card, freeing memory. Some device operating systems are meant to store some media in the internal memory and other on the removable sd card. Check to see what you can move out of internal memory.

    Be sure to restart your device after making any changes.
  3. JoeHPSDA

    JoeHPSDA Well-Known Member

    How much storage space do you have available on your internal memory?
  4. rexdy49

    rexdy49 New Member

    I recomend to use link2sd partition to increase your internal memory.. or learn ap2sd search on google.. dont ask me how to...

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