Samsung Galaxy Y performing slow after upgraded the SD card with 8gbSupport

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  1. vardhan13

    vardhan13 New Member

    Samsung Galaxy Y performing slow after upgraded the SD card with 8gb....Thank you for helping.

  2. jayem123

    jayem123 Active Member

    try this, maybe it'll help. first connect your SD to your computer via any card reader or usb and when the computer detected the SD, right click it and choose properties and pick TOOLS and do defragmentation and error checking, afterwards put back the SD to you galaxy y and see if it works. I have done this on my SD and works faster than before, if it says "unknown format of card" just simply connect again your SD to your PC and open it before putting it back on your phone again, that should be all.
  3. vardhan13

    vardhan13 New Member

    Hi Jayem,

    I tried as per your way...but no use...still same problem.
  4. jebjeb

    jebjeb Well-Known Member

    how about lower it into 4gb :)
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  5. vardhan13

    vardhan13 New Member

    i dont know abt 4 gb......but 8gb waste...
  6. hypd09

    hypd09 Well-Known Member

    I am sure that should not be a problem.. >= class 4(which it would be) doesn't affect phone's performance.. try looking at running services..
  7. ranjitkr

    ranjitkr Member

    I am running 16 gb sandisk sd card ,done partition using mini tool ,after partition updated my phone with
    new firmware update using kies ,running good !!
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  8. yxabooh

    yxabooh New Member

    Have you tried formatting your card through your phone?

    I'm using 8g on my SGY and it's not lagging at all.

    I did the steps below before I used it.
    Settings>SD Card...>Unmount SD Card> Format SD Card
  9. murthinavin

    murthinavin New Member

    My galaxy y is taking time(3-5 secs) to open contacts or call logs..its frustating me..what do i do???plz help me any1
  10. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    Format it as FAT32

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