samsung galaxy y pro duos problems..General

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    Jul 5, 2012
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    hi ,i am using this handset for 3weeks and found this 2 issuses.could nt solved so need ur advice....

    first of all as this is a dual sim ph when i send text messages it always sends ffrom sim 1 instead of sim doesnt shows sny options from which sim i want to send it...i am using go sms pro....

    second oe is when i am listening to a song on head phone snd the screen gets locked the song stops...any solution for this im feeling frustrated now...!!!:mad:

    similarly i am using 3g in sim 1 but i found it is also using sim 2 2g network..i.e both the sim r using internet @ a same time like a parallel connection..

    help me out guys i am loosing money daily for all this craps..:confused::confused:


  2. androidtester3

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    Oct 12, 2012
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    For 1 issue just drop down main screen you will found out two option means sim 1 and sim2 just select sim which one you want use now and start sending message.

    For 2nd :- Yes, Go to setting option change screen lock timing.

    For 3rd:- Go to setting >network>mobile networks> chose sim which one you want to access net that's easy .!!:)

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