Samsung Galaxy Y reboots after originating a call.Support

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  1. ranjanrajeev

    ranjanrajeev New Member

    Whenever I terminate a call from my Samsung Galaxy Y, the phone gets restart/reboot. This is a new phone bought just three weeks ago. If any one is having any idea or solution for this problem, then please let me know. Otherwise the phone works fine with all the apps also.

  2. galaxyy

    galaxyy New Member

    I bought galaxy Y last month and faced same problem. It was restarting 5-6 times a day.
    Samsung service center updated the software twice. That didn't worked. Now working with Samsung on returning the phone.
  3. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    phone restarts automatically rarely
  4. paulnaresh

    paulnaresh New Member

    The same problem occurred with my phone twice as well in 17 days of purchase. so what's the solution to this?
  5. PhoneMyAss

    PhoneMyAss New Member

    Hi, I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy SII which consists of the telephone constantly restarting. The phone I have now is the second of the same type. The first rebooted so many times that I finally asked to get a new one. But now this phone is starting to do the same thing. The Android version is 2.3.5. Is there anyone here who has experienced the same thing as me and who can advise me how I get it to stop rebooting all the time? Every time it restarts it throws me off the wifi network, which is quite annoying. Thank you very much in advance for any inquiry.
  6. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Mine doesnt do this, running 2.3.5.
  7. SamuelGier

    SamuelGier New Member

    Hi Raghu & Vikas, I own a Samsung Galaxy Y too and faced the same problem over 3 weeks until last night, I had contacted Samsung and researched internet everyday to find a solution without landing myself anywhere, finally I thought of doing something on my own as this thing was killing me. I do not know if this is completely fool proof but haven't faced the restart problem since then.

    Please follow the below steps to have this sorted out:

    Go to Settings ---> Click on Applications ---> Click on Manage Applications ---> Click on All tab ---> Select each and every application you have on your phone and clear cache.

    I guess the reason behind this is Galaxy's RAM is only 290 MB & Phone Memory is 190 MB and if we do not clear the cache and stuff the memory gets piled up too much for the phone to handle.

    As I said, I just got this last night so hoping this is the main cause of the restarting problem.

    If this does not work will try and find something else for ourselves.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Samuel Gier
  8. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    instead of doing this use app cache cleaner from market.
    It clears cache of all apps in a click.
  9. muthuvel0503

    muthuvel0503 New Member

    Hi Samuel

    Thanks for the info...I had also the same problem, wht I used to do is Uninstall some Application then I never seen my mobile restarted, two days back again I installed some applications then I seen two times my mobile restarted. Memory is the problem for this issue

    those who are having this problem please try this solution from ur side and give reply then will come to conclusion, this will help others to solve the problem instead of walking to Samsung service center

  10. Sandy23

    Sandy23 New Member

    Mine is also Galaxy Y. It was working good for past 8 months........
    But now it gets Restarts once i end my call....:(
    I have uninstalled all my apps by using the Factory Reset,,
    Even now the problem occurs half of the time, Iam annoyed.... any suggestions
  11. BINDUG

    BINDUG New Member

    Mine is also galaxy Y and it was working good for past 9 months. But now it gets restart once i end my call. I have formatted my handset but problem still exists.
    hv already cleared all cache.
    but problem still exists. What to do.
    Pl. suggest.
  12. HornDragon

    HornDragon New Member

    Well. I've had 3 Galaxy Y:s now. Every one had a rebooting anomaly in them. I tried flashing Jellyblast in the first one, but it kept doing it still. Now that i'm on my third one i can only presume that my SIM card is really weirdly corrupt and i'll go get a new one. If it doesn't work after that, i can take my phone back to the shop. I dunno about memory leaks, because i really haven't installed anything on it, i keep it with me and sometimes it just keeps on booting.
  13. shivangbhatt

    shivangbhatt New Member

    Mine is Samsung Galaxy Y too, and was using it happily for past 8 months. But it kept on restarting itself after I disconnect the call. I have cleared RAM from TaskManager-> RAM -> Clear Memory (it displays a message N applications closed).
    and problem was solved temporarily, but at the end of day same thing happens and I repeat above steps.
    Few days ago, phone was just idle and I noticed a message in notification bar which says memory card removed, I do not know why. But I had to restart and message was cleared. Did anyone else also face same issue?
  14. pallavisood72

    pallavisood72 New Member

    Hi mygalaxy y s5360 always get restarted the moment i disconnect the call. after so much research and googling i have got
    the solution. go to setting->wireless and networks-> mobile networks->network mode. here see which option you have selected
    either it should be GSM or CDMA. i have selected both GSM/CDMA. this was the issue when ever i diconnect the call it try to
    search the network GSM/CDMA,but when i changed the network to single one like GSM. I got rid from the restart issue.
    It really works for me. i had tried formatting my phone, factory reset,cache deleted but all those stuff didn't help me.
    so finally by changing the network mode mbl works fine.
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  15. damoderb

    damoderb New Member

    YES, it is working fine .After changing network mode to GSM the issue was resolved. May be only this setting is the cause for this type of issue.
    Thanks :)

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