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  1. abishekand

    abishekand New Member

    Samsung Galaxy Y restarting after factory reset.

    I had creed 2.0 rom installed in my phone and updated with latest.
    after that I wanted to reset my phone so I tried to do from setting.

    Now I am stuck.. Its keep restarting after boot screen finished.

    I tried to boot into recovery but its not working.

  2. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    reflash via odin
  3. Go to my profile and go to my post it will fix ur phone trust me hit thanks if i helped :D
  4. pinkit

    pinkit New Member

    Help. please. don't know what to do.

    My galaxy y encountered a problem while firmware upgrade. And now I can't use it. The screen is just showing this, "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again."

    I tried to connect it on my computer but a window appears saying it can't connect to the device suggesting to reboot it. I then reboot my galaxy y but nothing change.

    what to do.
  5. Factory reset and wipe cache in recovery mode
  6. Skydrift

    Skydrift New Member

    My samsung galaxy y is restarting over and over after i factory reset it through me!

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