Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 bricked :(

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  1. I have samsung galaxy y (android 2.3.6 Creed's v2.5). I have installed Creed's ROM v2.5 ROM and MerrukTechnology Kernel on my phone. My battery was draining sooo fast. So I re-installed my Creed ROM.
    But now when I power ON my phone I get stuck on 'ANDROID' logo.
    Recovery mode is also not opening. Only download mode is opening. Plz help..

  2. Tried all.. When I plugged in galaxy y, my phone restarts.. N again i get stuck on merruk technology's 'ANDROID' logo.. This is my first android phone.. Plz help anyone..
  3. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

    Wipe data cache...
    Then re flash creed's rom
  4. How can I wipe data and cache n reflash rom.. Recovery mode is not opening.. Only DOWNLOADING MODE is opening..
  5. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

    Then you need to flash a stock odin supported firmware.
    Remember never flash custom kernel using odin, if you have warranty.. Your odin counter Will increase and hence warranty voids. :cool:
  6. I have re-installed Creed and my phone bricked!! But how can i flash...!! RECOVERY MODE IS NOT OPENING.. :(.. Only downloading mode is opening..
  7. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

    You have to use pc odin to flash in download mode that's the only way you can recover
  8. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

    Wait I'm giving you the link....
  9. ok.. My build no..was GINGERBREAD.. BUT now my phone is bricked.. Most of the sites saying to unbrick with odin.. N ur saying to reflash ROM.. :(
  10. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

    that's the same thing unbrick means to repair the bricked phone...
    Any way go here
    download firmware according to your country
    Then read 2nd post for how to flash using pc odin
    Hope you unbrick it soon :thumbup:
  11. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

    Go to the link I provided, there is everything you require
  12. But there are not steps of how to do it..can u tell pls..
  13. MillanSIS

    MillanSIS Member

  14. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    flash to stock kernel
  15. Look at my posts u will find how to unbrick using odin its effective trust me ..hit thanks if i helped :D
  16. sandeep1282

    sandeep1282 New Member

    thank yu so mch......i unbricked my samsung galaxy y.....keep on posting....
  17. smithwert

    smithwert New Member

    Hi, im weighing if i want to jailbreak my phone and I'm wondering what pros and cons are???
    Also, if i decide to jailbreak, what software or link do you recommend????

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