Samsung galaxy y young camera .. error message handler handlemessage(-1)Support

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  1. 28jhuz

    28jhuz Member

    When i Always open my Phone Camera this message "error message handler handlemessage(-1)" Always Pop Up to my Phone Screen:( So i cant use my Phone CAMERA!

    Please help me to fix this Problem!

    Thanks. Godbless :)

  2. Wengman

    Wengman Member

    I have the same issue, bump this
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  3. SylentEcho

    SylentEcho Active Member

    Try upgrading to the latest firmware. It solved my problem.
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  4. Wengman

    Wengman Member

    oh yah? what was your problem?
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  5. 28jhuz

    28jhuz Member

    Andami ko na Ginawa Reflash ng stock Firmware via odin, flash using EphemeRom, updating using kies, updating using Fota and etc.

    Pero still nd padin nagana!
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  6. Wengman

    Wengman Member

    Oo. Did that. Try those. Some say maybe the hardware. Did you happen to drop your phone? Change SDcard? I did!

    One genius on the other thread goes "Bring it to the service center"

  7. 28jhuz

    28jhuz Member

    I didn't Drop it. After i Unroot my Phone my camera Wont work!

    Bring it to the service center and use the warranty of the phone is the Last Resort of this Problem.tsk Lame
  8. turn off your phone remove the battery for 20 seconds turn it on again and go to taskmgr and end all applications

    Hit thanks if i helped
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  9. Wengman

    Wengman Member

    After clearing out the DCIM folder with pictures & other files and

    Adding a "camera" folder inside the DCIM folder actually made my camera work.

    been 3 months now with no hassles


    The lastest firmware update brings back the annoying "sd card is removed" error
  10. albo2002

    albo2002 New Member

    anyone know a solution to this? I tried rebooting, deleting files, doing a software upgrade etc and nothing so far has worked
  11. cajo1234

    cajo1234 New Member

    sir pls help "error message handler handlemessage(-1)" sa galaxy y ko.
  12. Festomc

    Festomc New Member

    Camera error , Message handler ? How do you fix it ? Please help.
  13. kerba

    kerba New Member

    Error message hendler handlemassage(-1)
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  14. ashish_ingle

    ashish_ingle New Member

    Error message hendler handlemassage(-1)
  15. niedemannu

    niedemannu New Member

    Hello Guys!!..

    I have some experience regarding on my Samsung Galaxy appears on my camera "ErrorMessageHandler.handlemessage(-1)"..

    I Read on some forums on how to fix it,. but i failed to do it...

    Some of the forum said to Reformat/Reflash the firmware..etc...Reset setting of the Phone etc.. but i failed to fix...

    But some one(technical man) on forums help me to fix it..

    Here are the solution on that problem:

    1.) He said that no software,firmware are possible reason of that error...
    It just a Hardware...
    Dis alignment of contact camera from the board can cause of that the error.So, I used to dis assemble my phone align the camera on the board,clean,etc...

    It Work...I did it.. Repair my phone on my own...

    To all experiencing it...Try this method ..I Hope I can help a lot...
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  16. Qila

    Qila New Member

    I have the same problem. Have you found the answer?
  17. Priyanka inti

    Priyanka inti New Member

    My phone slipped from my hands and now my cam is not working damn i am really upset abouot this.:(
  18. ivotkl

    ivotkl Member

    Shameless bump:

    Hello everyone. I own a Samsung Galaxy Young GT-B5510L. Android version is 2.3.6 (up to date), bought less than 2 years ago (year warranty expired). It has not been unrooted or anything like that. Camera is showing this error when opening it. I've tried suggestions of removing battery for 20 minutes but did not work and I've also tried another one. I've read some posts on the net but it seems that the problem is related to firmware. Does anyone have a clue?
  19. scorpianking18

    scorpianking18 New Member

    I totally agree with niedemannu. This fault of camera has nothing to do with software and hard reset of phone is just waste of time.

    I had faced the problem twice. First i got it done from service center. Second time i just opened the phone and did a firm press of camera and it worked.

    Actually the camera is not soldered on the PCB instead it is a press camera. This normally happens with the phone is drop and camera is loosen.

    There are six screw on the phone to open and press the camera firm and give a try else you can go deep and disassemble using service manual and again fix it. You can get service manual over google.
  20. dixon

    dixon New Member

    i cant use my phones camera bacause i recwive a message to handle my message(01). please help me to fix this problen
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