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  1. Landcruiser

    Landcruiser New Member

    The Samsung GalaxyS2 says that you can make and edit your own videos using Video maker and add your own music. Having looked at all the tutorials, asked other forums there has yet to be no answer to this question. When pressing the note symbol, having dragged and dropped the videos, to add my own music I get "no Music" indicated. there are however 45 tracks on the phone, why does it not pick them up. This has been an ongoing problem with no answer as yet, for a week. Time is approaching when I need to talk to Samsung, or change the phone. Help please.

    Thanks John

  2. Landcruiser

    Landcruiser New Member

    Hi DAda1988
    I have seen this video more than once and all the others as well. If you notice in Sam Pullens video he also get "No music" but because he is using one of the themes he does not cover using his own music.

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