Samsung Galxy Q won't turn on...

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  1. LeahRonnie

    LeahRonnie New Member

    Hiii... So i have my Samsung Galaxy Q a long time ago. And then I just wanted to change the fonts, cuz its getting kind of boring. Soo when i changed it, it said to "restart" my phone so i did. but when I restarted my phone its not working. It won't turn it back on. It just had the three lights turning up on the button of my phone. and then when I took the battery out and try to put it back, it won't turn it back on... D:

    Help me please? :(

    A.S.A.P </3.

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Those kind of mods can be dangerous to do, especially without making a NANDroid backup first. So you're going to have to learn how to get into recovery and flash a ROM.

    A Google search shows me that the Galaxy Q is the same thing as the Gravity Smart, so moving this thread over there. Hopefully I get it right <crosses fingers>.
  3. LeahRonnie

    LeahRonnie New Member

    So basically, How can I turn it back on then? If I didn't do the NANDroid backup before? :(
  4. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    I hope you've fixed this by now, but if not, are you able to enter recovery mode? While powered off completely, hold down the T key and the power button until you enter it.

    If you can get into recovery mode but the phone still won't boot normally, consider installing Ahrtard's rom at

    If nothing at all is happening when you try to enter recovery, there's also the chance the battery is just drained. Try leaving it on the charger for a few hours.

    If it's completely toast, well, I don't think there's much you can do except take it back.

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