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  1. teddybear1

    teddybear1 New Member


    I have a samsung galaxy gio s5660 and i've tried bluetooth handsfree connection to my new car toyota corolla ascent manual 2011. ive managed to connect and pair the phone to the car. i can hear the phone ringing and msg tones through the car speakers but i can't hear the person talking through the car speakers. i have gone into connection options and checked media connection but it's still not working. help?

  2. teddybear1

    teddybear1 New Member

    just rebooted my phone... still not working... my phone is also not connecting to my sony vaio laptop via bluetooth even though the phone's bluetooth is on and discoverable... what is it with the samsung bluetooth?!?!? please help :(
  3. lennertde

    lennertde New Member

    Have you already found a solution? I have the same problem with my Mercedez...
  4. Willeboer

    Willeboer New Member


    I had the same problem, and did quite a bit of searching on the web. Even got Samsung to contact me. All they said was theat they use a new implementation of bluetooth. After further searching I found additional information:


    The problem is, that newer Samsung devices (and HTC sense devices) don't have the full Bluetooth stack.

    That is why for example apps like this one don't work on these devices either. The only solution would be to flash a full Bluetooth stack, eg by flashing a Cyanogenmod Rom.

    They were talking about a WII app on Samsung that uses the Samsung as a remote device. So that explains why the Samsung does not want to let me talk over the bluetooth in my MB.

    Hope this helps someone!

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  5. giogiogiogio

    giogiogiogio New Member

    :wavey: Hello

    @ Willeboer:star:

    Thanks a lot, it works!!!:congrats:

    ( I wasn't very happy at firts, to have to blash a brand new phon, because of poor job from Samsung. By the way, thanks to you I discovered the wonderfull wor of Cyanogen community)

  6. andoirloverz

    andoirloverz New Member

    Well my Samsung smartphone can't connect to my Mac. :S

    Any solution guys?

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