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  1. Savybabie

    Savybabie Member

    Hey everyone Im new here so if I posted this in the wrong place I am so very sorry.

    Ok so I have the Samsung google nexus s, And you know hwo you when you get the phone you have to make a gmail? well thats what I did, but I had to delete it because I kept getting weird emails from weird people I didnt know and alot of spam. But I made a new account before I deleted the old one. Then I tried to figure out how to delete the old account it took me awhile but I finally found it one my phone and deleted my old account. but when I did that all my contacts were gone. But I put them all back in. I thought that was all that happened and that I outsmarted google. But it seems that google had one up on me, because when I went to send text messages o my friends noone answered. I thought it was just that everyone was busy. But then when I went to make a call it kept saying im sorry we could not make your call at the moment please try again later. And its been doing this for like 4 or 5 days now. ANd I found out that my friends werent getting my texts messages when I went to church to see them. They asked me why I wasnt texting them. and thats when I found out I couldnt text also. Ive tried everything I have found on the interent. Can you smart phone, electronic genius's help me please?

  2. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    Hi, the correct forum for Nexus S would be Nexus S - Android Forums - this forum is for the Galaxy Nexus.
    Having said that, the problem you seem to be describing is more a software issue.

    What version of Android do you have? What application do you use for texting? Is your phone activated? (which carrier? Sprint?)
    Are you using the stock ROM? Or did you flash a custom ROM? Are you rooted?

    The gmail account that you are using on your Nexus S - if you log in using your computer's web browser, does it have all your contacts? If so, those contacts should sync to your phone automatically (assuming you have not disabled the contacts sync in settings->accounts and sync)

    What dialer are you using to make calls? the stock dialer?
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  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Moved to Nexus S forum.
  4. Savybabie

    Savybabie Member

    Thanks for the help everyone ill be sure to repost this in the nexus s area!!
    and jj14x Im with sprint, I had to redo all my contacts because I had deletes the old gmail account and got a new one but this time I backed everything up so if I log into my phone with this gmail everything comes back. But the problem is I cant receive texts or calls and I cant send texts or put in calls. and im using the texting and the calling that the phone gives you. Nothings downloaded its just the calling service and texting service that is installed on the phone by the maker.
  5. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    Is your phone connected to wifi when you access your gmail? Does it work if you disable wifi?

    The reason I'm asking is the fact that you aren't able to make or receive calls (and texts) - If your sprint data connection isn't working either (hence the question about wifi), maybe your phone isn't provisioned to Sprint's network.

    So, in summary, if your phone isn't able to connect to sprint Data either (disconnect from wifi and then try to access Email), I'd recommend calling Sprint and asking them to confirm that your phone is activated correctly.
  6. Savybabie

    Savybabie Member

    If I turn off my phones wifi I cant still use the internet and get accses to my gmail account, and I can download stuff from the google play store while Its not on wifi. And I didnt just get this phone I got it a year ago, so my phone is activated.
  7. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    I assume you mean to say that you can use the internet/play store even when you are not on Wifi.
    IIRC, Sprint had separate provisioning for data and for cellular (phone/sms), so maybe there is a problem with the cellular provisioning.
    If you are using the stock ROM, and are using the stock dialers/messaging apps, but are unable to make/receive calls and unable to send/receive texts, it sounds like a provisioning issue.

    I'd take it to the sprint store to see if they can figure out the issue (or just call Sprint tech support and have them check if the phone is provisioned correctly.
    I realize that you indicated that it was working ok till now - but stuff happens :)
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  8. Savybabie

    Savybabie Member

    Ok thank you so much for all your help!!:)
    Ill call the store and if I have to ill just go and take my phone to the store. Thanks again for all your help, Have a nice weekend!:)
  9. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    You are welcome. Hopefully, they are able to fix this issue quickly. (if you get a moment, do post an update letting us know how it turns out)

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