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  1. jeyemsorz

    jeyemsorz New Member

    i've been using my GS4 for almost 3mos. it was only yesterday when i experience some issues. my phone does not charge. it don't even recognize the charger. i also tried to connect it on my pc. nothing happens. when i switched it off and plugged the charger, it just keeps on vibrating every 5secs. i will bring it on the service center today for checking up. but i was really bothered if it might be fixed. this issue is really stressing me out. hope you can help me out. i would really appreciate it.

  2. meaghanyvonne

    meaghanyvonne Active Member

    Have you tried a diffrent charger? My S3 randomly stoped hding charge abd would t even be fully charged if it was all night. Then would die so quickly. They upgraded me to a s4 and now im having the same issue :(.
  3. jeyemsorz

    jeyemsorz New Member

    i tried using other charger. but it still didn't recognize the charger. i don't know what to do.. :(
  4. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Are you using the charger that came with the phone?

    We got my boyfriends S4 yesterday, and while the charger for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus does fit the S4 (the message even said "charging"), it refused to charge until I used the one that came with his phone.
  5. meaghanyvonne

    meaghanyvonne Active Member

    Take it in to your provider. Your under warrenty. I got up graded for free when i had similar issues with my s3.
  6. jeyemsorz

    jeyemsorz New Member

    yes i used the charger that comes with the phone. i also tried connecting it with pc. it doesn't recognize the usb connector either.. i have read a lot of forums having the same issues as mine.
  7. jeyemsorz

    jeyemsorz New Member

    i already brought my phone to samsung service center. after two days, they returned it to me, saying that they didn't do anything on my phone because when they tried to charge it, it did recharge. i'll just observe it. and if same issue happens, they will change the hardware.

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