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  1. Hi folks, Never posted in a forum like this before so if I'm going about it the wrong way, apologies. I have just got a new phone a Samsung GT-15500 and have got loads of questions please that I cannot find the answers to. Will list them in number order to make it easier to reply:-

    1. I am having to slide the "unlock phone" icon every single time I go to use the phone, How can I switch the lock off permanently?

    2. Likewise, I have to slide the "sound off" icon every single time - how do I lock the sound off permanently? I am scrolling the shortcut menu at the top but it will not lock.

    3. When I want to forward a text message it says in the manual to "tap and hold the message and select Forward" but when I tap and hold it it just goes straight to the message, does not give me any options to "forward" only options says "view thread, view contact, delete thread" - how do I forward a text message please?

    4. There doesn't appear to be an inbox, outbox, drafts or sent messages options, are there none of these options on this phone?

    5. I have been sent some photos in a text message that I would like to save - how do I save the photos and where do I save them please?

    6. I have been sent a ringtone via bluetooth that I want to use as my ringtone, how do I set it? The ringtone is stored in "sdcard/LOST.DIR" and it won't let me move it anywhere.

    7. I had some saved photos on my sim card from my old phone which used to be in "my camera album" but since putting the sim card in this new phone they have dissappeared! have they gone for good?:confused:

    8. I've got really long nails and they are accidentally hitting wrong things on the touch screen, can this phone be used with anything other than a finger, ie can a stylus be used etc?????:eek:

    So,that's the lot! I'd be soooo grateful if someone could possibly help me out here please coz this blimmin phone is doing my head in and I feel like going back to my old as the hills "brick" phone lol.

    Thank you for listening and hopefully helping:) xx

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    Hi. first sorry about my English, but I will try my best. :)
    1:(my opinion) not good to disable the icon "unlock phone"then you
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    Hi, yes you understood my answer :)
    yes, we "play" allot with the phone in the beginning and that drain the battery:)

    now I charge it every 1-1
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    1. As said before, having it unlocked permanenty probably isn't a good idea. If you put it into a pocket or a bag you'll start pocketdialing in no time if you do. If you still want to disable it, it should be under "Settings" -> "Security" -> "Screen locking" (or something similar, don't have my phone setup in English).

    4. I'll do 4 first cause 3. is kinda related: The phone doesn't have a separate outbox or inbox. Instead it has a threaded view. For each contact it'll just keep a chronological list of received and sent messages. Just open up the message and you'll see all messages for that contact.

    3. Which brings us to 3, you can forward messages from within the actual messages screen. Tap and hold and you'll see the menu you are looking for.

    7. Pictures can not be stored on a SIM-card. If you meant SD-card, indeed check whether you can still locate them if you put the SD-card in your PC. The mediascanner should be able to find any picture on your SD-card. If they're not on the SD-card (or you didn't have an SD-card in your old phone), the pictures are probably on the internal memory of your old phone.

    8. There are special styluses for capacitive displays. But they're not that easy to use. I tried one, and I certainly can't recommend them.
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  7. Hi, Thank you both of you, you've been a great help and I will also look at the apps reccommended - I downloaded the Gosms app as I thought that might have an inbox and outbox but it was just the same as the phones message system so I ended up deleting it!

    Just got some questions please.

    1. I cannot turn off the hapatic sound when texting/touching screen - I go to settings and I've found it but the "tick" will not turn off even though I am pressing it - what should I be doing?

    2. When I choose the wallpaper (a kitten) the picture is much too big for the screen - how do I make it smaller?

    3. I am with 3mobile contract and there is no setting showing me my usage - am I supposed to download something? I've looked in files and everywhere and there isn't any "MY3" option anywhere to be found!

    4. I am having to charge the phone at least twice a day! it also gets boiling hot - I'm only using it for texting and short calls and have turned bluetooth WIFI etc off and yet the battery is draining sooooo fast!! Do they sell extra long life batteries at all? I have down loaded "juice defender" but it's still draining way too fast - any ideas???

    Thanks again for all your help, you really have made a difference!:) xxxxx
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    1. when I go settings > sound >down to feedback - I translate from danish now:) sound for screen touch = no green tick, now mine don
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    Hi again I thought about this - do you have the last android version 2,2 ???

  12. queeni

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    first you have to need to get 2,2 then maybe some of your problems will go.

    Then we can take the other things, :)
    I PM you

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