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Samsung gt-15503 (stuck when downloading firmware upgrade)?Support

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  1. m.harun

    m.harun New Member

    I was downloading a firmware upgrade which was stuck at 62% for over 2 hours. I took out the USB cable and now I need to start the phone in recovery mode to do an emergency recovery. When I switch it on holding the volume down button and the OK button and pressing the start button, I get a PC icon with a Phone icon and an alert symbol between the 2 icons

    can someone help me on this?

  2. gerrard30

    gerrard30 New Member

    I have the exact same problem as this. Have you managed to resolve yet or does anybody else have any ideas.

  3. l14mgs

    l14mgs New Member

    I had this problem when trying to update my gt-i5500 you have to connect to a different pc and enter the emergency recovery code from the first pc, i took mine back and got a replacement and took it to carphone warehouse and they did the update for me for free.
  4. Filip Roncevic

    Filip Roncevic New Member

    aaaaaaaaaaaa, I am having the same problem, I did what m.harun said with the volume down and... and I'm stuck at downloading, what is the next step?
  5. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    get an stationary pc with XP - this helped me, then every thing works fine !!

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