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  1. spacemalbar

    spacemalbar New Member

    Hello i have been visiting a lot of websites lately which say that the ICS update for the GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi + 3G. is already out..

    Though when i try to update mine, it still says no update found..even my firmware stays as follows: PDA:KL1/PHONE:KL3/CSC:KL1(XEU).

    Can anyone help me on this?

    i am tired of looking on so many websites that will just root my tab instead of providing it with the right update.thank you.

    Perhaps my location could be causing problems?i am from mauritius

  2. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Wow, first time I've written to a Mauritian, island home of the Dodo bird! Welcome to the forums!
    I don't know if your location is an issue or not but you could update the tablet manually if you want. That's what I did using the same flash file and it runs great. No carrier junk files or settings either as this gives you a very generic version of ICS. The flash update file includes many languages including French and English. Follow this guide, download the files needed, and flash to ICS:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 Upgrade to Official Android ICS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware P7500XXLQ8 | Android Firmware Updates

    I recommend doing a factory reset after you update as the look and feel of the OS changes a lot. Then setup the tablet and you've got ICS in full. I find it's a very noticeable improvement over v3.2 HC. Any questions or conerns, post them here and enjoy ICS.
  3. mosy7

    mosy7 New Member

    I tried this method and when the tablet reboots, it stocks on samsung for two hours! is it natural or there's something wrong?
  4. Funki

    Funki New Member

    same for me :(

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