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Samsung I-5500 Help :(Support

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  1. malik1991

    malik1991 New Member

    Hello There,
    Hope everyone is good and fine. I just got Samsung I5500 of TIM.it company. However, i have having certain problems and issues such as:

    Wi-Fi reception is too weak and can't get signals even within few meters. Also While Turning On or OFF Wi-Fi, It stucks some times

    Battery: Battery drains too soon just within 5-6 hours if full charge

    Android OS: Although it has Android 2.1, but it mostly hangs giving messages of force close or something.

    I even tried to reset the factory settings but couldn't because whenever i tap on restore factory settings or format phone data, process phone.android stops workings and gives only option to force close

    I don't have option to replace phone so can somebody please tell me how to reset factory settings or at least upgrade or re-flash its OS

    Many Thanks

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello Malik, and welcome to Android Forums.

    From your description of issues, it appears you've been sold a defective device and are in need of returning it to the point of purchase for a replacement.

    Prior to doing that you might try a live battery pull (with the device on and running, remove the battery, leave it out for a full minute, then replace it and boot up).

    Then go into menu > settings > applications > manage applications and clear data and cache on all syncing apps, such as facebook, twitter, email, weather and news, etc. Take your time and be sure to hit the clear data button and the clear cache button for each app. Then reboot (power down, wait, then power back on).

    Following that, try the factory data reset again.

    If things remain the same, I'd advise that you return it.

    I've moved your question/thread to the Galaxy 5 forums for you.
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  3. malik1991

    malik1991 New Member

    Thanks a lot sir for your advice, and i tired the same but no resolution :(
    And i have no option to replace handset as i got it gift from abroad :(
  4. kunoishi

    kunoishi Member


    One good reason why your battery drains so much is because of programs running on the background. I got into the same problem before since i have to charge my phone twice a day. Some gave me an application and its called ATK(advanced Task Killer). This apps lets you end applications. One problem with G5 is once you press home or back button, it does not automatically kill the application. This worked for me. Hope it works for you.

    For the WI-FI, try applications like WI-FI scanner(free apps) and check it out. If it does the same thing then i would agree with Frisco, we got ourselves a defective one.
  5. loop4444

    loop4444 Active Member

    As froyo is out now for G5,try upgrading.may help.
  6. shashi5610

    shashi5610 New Member

    can u tell me how to activate mobile tracker in galaxy 5
  7. Steffers1234

    Steffers1234 New Member


    I have a problem with my I-5500. I charged it fully last night, went to bed and when I got up it was off and wouldn't switch back on. I plugged the charger back in and it turned out the battery was dead. There was also a notification saying the media scanner was completed. Can anyone tell me what this is and how I can stop it doing this again please? I have no idea how it started in the first place or even what it is.
  8. jonasjohnson

    jonasjohnson New Member

    It is getting seriously close to class action time. I, as I'm sure many of you, have seen this issue on a lot of other forums.

    Who fixes this? My ISP, Telus, says its not their problem. My cell phone company, Virgin told me to exchange my phone because it is defective and I did at The Source (aka Radio Shack) and the second i5500 acts exactly the same way. And how the hell do you actually get to talk to someone at Google or Samsung?

    Telus, Virgin, The Source, Google, Samsung! WTF no solutions to this problem?

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