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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Hey guys.

    My phone's usb is broken and I want to get it repaired - the warranty is still valid. The problem is, however, that I need to restore the ROM, root and all the stuff to default. The only way I have found in the net is to do it with Odin - impossible without working usb port. So my question is if it's possible or not to do it WITHOUT Odin. Will flashing from SD card remove all the things that have to be removed, i.e. root, customized bootscreen and so on? I know I can flash the ROM this way, but I'm not sure whether it will clean the device completely, removing all the crap or not. Or maybe is there any other way I could manage to do it, about which I don't know about?

    Please help me. I'm really confused.


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