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  1. rjan22

    rjan22 Member

    The problen is not the infuse, I the problem is the owner of the infuse 4g, off course when you got the infuse what is the first thing you did? Play with it, never let the screen turn off because off course we are so exited with this new thing, that's why it's draining so fast,we never let the phone down because we are downloading apps, customizing it, changing ringtone, setting up email, so off course it will drain fast, but after all customizing is done and we use it normally as out old phone, you can see it will kat a day or so.

  2. strodda

    strodda Well-Known Member

    You are correct and wrong also. As I posted in another thread, the problems I had was that there were processes running in the background 24hrs a day, including while in sleep mode. I fixed the leak and now I get great battery life. The infuse is officially the best phone I have ever had. Its has one of the largest screens but is also light and thin. It is complemented perfectly by my casemate barely there.
  3. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    I got my phone less than a week ago. It is pretty much stock out of the box. I did change some settings, but I have not added any apps. The battery life has been good. Don't have a number of hours, but it has certainly been over a day and it hasn't died yet. It is in the yellow area now, and I don't think I would go off without some means to recharge it in case it goes down quickly. I am not a heavy user, but I have not disabled anything as far as network or GPS. I've made and received a few calls, a little web surfing, navigated one short trip, have an alarm set to go off every day, maybe some other things I don't remember, and I don't know what else the phone is doing on its own. The brightness is set to automatic. Screen timeout is set to 2 minutes. And the phone is set to power saving. I don't expect this level of battery usage to continue as I add apps. If the battery claims are based on a stock unit then it explains why I have seen good battery life.

    Edit: App. 3 hours after my original post the phone is still working. It hasn't been used, except to be waiting for a call, connecting to my wifi, etc, and I don't know how much longer it would last, but I did wake it up and check to see if I missed a call.
  4. Dave01

    Dave01 New Member

    I waited for this phone to come out and I love almost everything about it. The worst part of the phone is the battery life. Whether it is on low resolution or auto-brightness the battery life is poor. It is worse thn my iPhone4 in that way (but superior in many others). It's the price we must pay for a Super AMOLED Plus. The Atrix is just as bad and a disappointment, even after two SW releases. The Inspire battery is a bit better but that's the only leverage it had. The reality is the only SP with real-life battery power is a Blackberry. Sad but true.
  5. Egidio

    Egidio Well-Known Member

    Several things contribute to the battery life. The larger screen is one and, of course, all the widgets and apps you might have on or those live wallpapers. I came from an iPhone 3G and am extremely happy with the Infuse. An essential app to install, though, is the JuiceDefender Beta (free) or Plus. You'll be amazed at how much your battery life will improve. I go through a regular day with wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and streaming music on and off and the battery is still at 60% after 17 hours of regular usage.
  6. mcbklyn

    mcbklyn Member

    I purchased my phone in mid May and battery was good for about a week or two.
    It actually held for about 2 days without a problem.
    After that battery life went really bad.
    Right now I charge it the whole night and after only few phone calls battery drops by half before noon.
    This is really frustrating.
    Did anybody call Samsung with warranty complain?
  7. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    I've had my infuse for about 2 months and my phone is still lasting at lease 16 hours( with extreme heavy use) I can make it at least 24 hours on a work day without charging. If you are experiencing problems like that make sure you use your task manager, an if you use the Facebook widget the newest update(1.6) causes the widget to refresh constantly, Draining battery life. I utilize a ton of Widgets, live wallpaper AND have widget locker running at all times and love the battery life compared to iPhone 3gs. The app egidio suggested is a great batterysaver as well. Maybe your battery is no good. Try going into the store let them know the problem and try and get a new battery.
  8. bdp8lax

    bdp8lax Member

    I had an evo before my infuse and i have had great battery life with mine. i have a live wallpaper and use games and web browsing. I don't use advanced task killer and no one should if they have froyo on their device it hurts more than helps i swear!
  9. P0laris

    P0laris New Member

    I've had the phone for three days -- still working on first charge with 38 percent remaining after 48 hours of use. A couple of notes, though. Most of my aps do not use battery power unless they are on (some leak juice in stand-by mode); i use wi-fi where I can -- as it seems to use less power than the 3G or 4G networks (central Alabama -- means 3 G until 2020). Key seems to carefully manage aps, some of which are power drains. If you can keep them under control, 3 days of good use should be possible. If you're a big app user -- then a nightly charge is likely to be part of the routine. :rolleyes:
  10. Smoovious

    Smoovious New Member

    problem I'm having is that even when hooked up to the charger the battery level still goes down, often...

    The night before, keep it hooked up to the charger, use it throughout the day, occasionally disconnect a few times for 10-15min each, hook it back up.

    The charger just doesn't seem to be able to deliver enough power to power the phone by itself, which is really a problem.

    I needed the larger screen since I don't see as good as I used to, and I have no problem staying tethered to a charger most of the time, but damn, just sitting there on my table while I sleep (turned on of course so I can receive calls) and waking up to 30% less power than when I went to bed? Rediculous...

    Not finding much of a pattern to when it is doing it too... all networking turned off (although I really need to be able to keep wifi on)...


    They need to do better...

    I feel like people are seeing all the junk China keeps dumping on our markets here which we keep buying up and other countries decide to sell all their crap to us cuz us stupid 'Mericans will buy anything these days. Like, we don't care about quality anymore, we care about "cheap"...

    I'm all for inexpensive... but send the "cheap" to somewhere else... :(

    (although, I will say this... I wish I had a nice 72" flatscreen with the same DPI as my phone's screen to hook up to my alienware XD )

    -- Smoov
  11. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    How can you tell the battery is going down when charging?
  12. RajCaj

    RajCaj Well-Known Member

    And here lies the iOS vs Android debate...

    Manufactures focus on features instead of battery life because these things we call phones are much less phones than they are mobile computing devices.

    Going from iOS to Android, you must be aware that iOS largely protects its users from poor memory & battery management by locking down the OS and limiting the features your able to do on your phone. (Anyone that's hacked their iPhone can attest to this)

    The problem I see with many users going from iOS to Android is that they don't understand this concept and immediately download all the awesome annimations, widgets, and apps they can get thier hands on the instant they get the phone....and then are upset when their phone craps out in less than 5 hours.

    So yes, I agree with you in that it would be nice to see some focus put on the battery technology......but you can't ignore the user side of the equation too. As a user, you need to set your expectations realisticly. You need to understand that with every app / widget you install...for every feature you add to your phone, your making an equal sacrafice in battery life & memory managment.
  13. Infusenewbie

    Infusenewbie New Member

    where is this widgetlocker located so I can help my battery life? Or is it something I need to download?
  14. Infusenewbie

    Infusenewbie New Member

    Reading all of these posts about what they did to help, but I am a newbie and don't know where to find these widgetlockers and things to help my battery life. Please help!
  15. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    Widgetlocker is a paid app that is only for aesthetics. It just makes you able to entirely personalize your lockscreen with widgets and more sliders. It doesn't do anything to improve battery life, some people claims that it drains their battery. I haven't had any problems so far. If you want a free app that helps preserve battery get juice defender!
  16. Lombardi

    Lombardi Well-Known Member

    The battery life is actually not bad, I can get about 9 hours of IM & texting while at work. I have to do a few things. Make sure all non essential apps are not running including wifi or 3/4G. Depending on what I'm using. Turn the screen and volumes all the way low or off! I actually get about ten hours of use doing this provided the fon is still charged, I only let it get to 25% as well so... also
    , battery life has improved since I have had it a month or so...
    Make that about 11 hours, using 85% of the battery. Using wifi only, games, downloads, text and IM. GPS, 4G and movies and video suk battery the most, voice and games are next.
  17. mfpearson

    mfpearson Active Member

    after researching android battery life relentlessly, i finally found a solution that SUBSTANTIALLY increased my battery life. as you can see, i am new to this site, and a new android user - so if this solution has already been discussed, i apologize in advance.

    anyway, i found the solution here: For Those With Battery Draining Issues - xda-developers

    as the link states, there is a service that automatically boots at startup called "omadrmconfigservice" that supposedly checks for media hub theft more than 4 times per minute - even when your phone is "asleep" (no clue how juice defender impacts this, as i know it turns radios off while the phone is "asleep").

    i found the above information pretty quickly - but finding an appropriate solution took some more searching/experimentation. you can go into settings > applications > running devices and tap the process to stop it, but it will restart every time you reboot your infuse, thereby forcing you to form a ritual every time you turn your phone on (which i am not fond of). the OP and several commenters suggest renaming/deleting several files, but all posts seem to be kind of vague at best, and also contradictory, about exactly how to keep the service from automatically booting on startup.

    i'm not sure if the commenters were trying to say this, but i will say it much more succinctly. the way to stop the "omadrmconfigservice" process from automatically booting at startup is as follows:

    1. have a rooted device
    2. download/open titanium backup
    3. go tot the "backup/restore" tab
    4. find the file named "DRM content 2.2.1" and tap it
    5. tap "freeze!"
    6. find the file named "DRM content launcher 1.0" and tap it
    7. tap "freeze!"

    freezing these two files in titanium backup did the trick for me. no need to delete or rename anything, and if i should ever need the service to run again, i simply unfreeze the files in titanium (some people in the xda thread reported problems with stock media/video player and gallery - but it seemed like they deleted/renamed, instead of freezing - i have experienced NO such problems). i should mention that i had frozen the actual media hub bloatware application before i discovered that the "omadrmconfigservice" service was running all the time - i am not sure if it is necessary, but you might as well freeze the bloatware application too, since it seems as though no one really uses media hub.

    immediately after freezing these 2 files and confirming that the "omadrmconfigservice" service was no longer automatically booting at startup (checked both before and after several reboots), i can confidently report that my battery life is SIGNIFICANTLY better without this service running all of the time. it would simply be too big of a coincidence for something else to have been putting such a heavy strain on my battery.

    even if you are getting quality battery life already (i was getting between 12-16 hours with moderate use, 8-10 with heavy use - which i consider pretty good), this should help your battery life greatly. now that "omadrmconfigservice" doesn't run anymore, i seriously cannot kill this device no matter how hard i try.

    hopefully this is helpful (and not repetitive) and can improve your samsung infuse experience! it definitely has improved mine!
  18. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    going to try and write up what all i wasnt much
  19. mfpearson

    mfpearson Active Member

    ^ i would be very happy with over 21 hours on this phone - do you know what your display time was, by any chance? i haven't gotten around to setting up screenshots quite yet, but i will try to post my stats when i get a chance to compile them (total time from 100% --> 1%, amount of time display was used, setting of display, etc.).

    i would love to hear what you did to get 21+ hours, mr. ed. maybe with your tweaks and my solution in the post above yours, we can finally realize truly remarkable battery life!
  20. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    i want to say screen on was 9 hours. i will let you know next go around.....and that was with the media settings left intact btw.
  21. mfpearson

    mfpearson Active Member

    Wow, 21 hours of battery with 9 hours of display time?? Were you on the phone all day long, or was this over 2 days? I don't think my battery could even handle 9 hours of display time on a single charge. Please post your "tweaks," Mr. Ed! I am anxiously awaiting your response so I can make my battery life as good as possible on this phone!
  22. AtomicCEO

    AtomicCEO Well-Known Member

    I read this thread before purchasing my phone and it made me nervous. But I shouldn't have been. I find the battery life on this phone to be great, lasting from morning to night with a 1/4 charge remaining, as long as you use good habits.

    I came from a G1, so I know how to make a battery last. This phone's power options in the notifications bar make it really easy to keep BT, Wifi, and GPS off unless you are using them. And, when you're done with whatever you're doing, return to the home screen and press the side button to shut off the screen instead of waiting for it to time out.

    Even in my honeymoon phase where I've got this phone out and I'm playing with it constantly, and I don't even have a charger at work yet... I easily get more than a day out of it. If you're thinking of buying this phone, it's not bad at all.
  23. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    How do you post a screenshot? I have a phone going on 20 hours with 64% left. Wanted to share. All I'm doing is using juice defender(free version). When I don't need the phone.
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  24. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    There are a couple of methods..are you rooted?

    I use shoot me from the market but you can find others by searching "screenshot"
  25. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    Yes, I am rooted. I can take the screenshot. Just having problems uploading them to this site. Can I do it through the app or do I need to be on my pc?

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