Samsung Infuse 4g

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  1. Shabonkerz

    Shabonkerz New Member

    Looking to buy a used Samsung Infuse 4g for under $250. Would be willing to trade a Samsung Fascinate + iPod Touch 2nd generation for it as well. Pics of Fascinate will have to wait until it arrives(I made the mistake of purchasing a Verizon phone whilst on AT&T), but it is in great condition.

  2. cxs6957

    cxs6957 Well-Known Member

    I have one. Brand new. I bought my friend a GS2 and she gave me her Infuse. She had just replaced it due to the charging port.

    If you're interested we can talk. I will post a picture ASAP. And I can throw in some extras as well, if you need any apps for TV, books, etc and I will put some eBooks (I have a gazillion) on it if you'd like.

    Would you have any interest in a tablet or Sprint EVO? I am trying to get rid of those as well.
  3. cwkosina

    cwkosina Member

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