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  1. WillyFooFoo

    WillyFooFoo New Member

    Hey guys, this is my first post here so excuse me if it is in the wrong spot. But today I upgraded to gingerbread on my Samsung infuse, and I gotta say that I really like it, except for one thing. On my lockscreen I have that thing that says "swipe glass to unlock" and when I get a text I still have that message that says "place puzzle piece into empty space" I had this on froyo but only on my first unlock, but it's not going away on gingerbread. Can anybody help me with making this go away? I know it's stupid but it's annoying me. Thank you in advance!:)

  2. WillyFooFoo

    WillyFooFoo New Member

    Someone please help?
  3. DincMT

    DincMT Active Member

    You should be able to go to settings and change your lockscreen altogether. I use widgetlocker in combination to PIN to unlock the phone.
  4. zOmBiEpLuMbEr

    zOmBiEpLuMbEr New Member

    I am having the same problem. I have been through all of the settings, and I cannot find a way to get rid of it. I have used widgetlocker before, but the problem is that for some reason it will not disable the "sliding glass" lock screen. I use a password, and with widget locker, I have to unlock widgetlocker, then enter my password, and THEN swipe the "glass". Its really a huge pain, becasue soemtimes I just want to hurry up and access my phone.
  5. Pozzdonn

    Pozzdonn New Member

    I just updated my firmware from Froyo to Gingerbread on my Infuse. I was having a difficult time sweeping the glass while the phone was in my car cradle. I fixed mine by adding a connect-the-dots pattern. Now all I do is swipe four dots, and the screen unlocks going directly to the home screen.

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